The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
夜半鐘聲 Midnight Bells
鐵拐李北海斬妖龍 How the Immortal Cripple Lee Slew the Dragon in the North Sea
天涯何處再相逢 Where Shall We Meet Again?
崑崙女俠血戰燕子盜 The Battle between the Heroines from Kunlun and the Swallow Thief
野花那有家花香 Home Flowers are Sweeter Still
人約黃昏後 Sunset Rendezvous
紅粉飄零 Pretty Girl Homeless
錦繡年華 (上集) The Splendid Years of Youth, Part One
錦繡年華 (下集) The Splendid Years of Youth, Part Two
女少爺 Young Master is a Girl
如意吉祥 A Prayer for Happiness
冷月伴郎歸 He Returns by a Lonely Moon
我結婚十年 Ten Years of Marriage
花開燕子歸 The Swallow's Return
難為了爸爸 Poor Daddy
難爲了爸爸 Poor Daddy
海棠花濺淚 The Crabapple Blossom's Tears
迷姬 The Enchantress
兩個刁蠻女三氣蕭月白 How Two Naughty Girls Thrice Insulted Siu Yuet-pak
秋雨殘花 Fallen Petals in the Autumn Rain
新婚記 The Newlyweds
有心唔怕遲 Never Too Late
火樹銀花相映紅 Bright Night
往事知多少 The Lady in Black
千萬人家 A Home of a Million Gold
父與子 Father and Son
芸娘 Madam Wan
人隔萬重山 The Unfinished Love
一曲難忘 An Unforgettable Song
百變婦人心 Her Fickle Heart
真金不怕紅爐火 Action Speaks Louder Than Words
情痴 The Devoted Lover
長生塔 The Pagoda of Long Life
後窗 Rear Window
胭脂虎 The Rouge Tigress
瓦鬼還魂 The Ghost of the Pot Comes to Life
無情大海有情天 The Woman in Between
雷雨 Thunderstorm
水滸傳智取生辰綱 The Water Margin Booty Captured
小婦人 Four Daughters
烽火佳人 A Beautiful Girl at War
秘密三女探 Wong Ang Vs the Flying Tigers
女飛俠黃鶯巧破鑽石黨 The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine
金蘭花 (上集) The Temple of the Golden Orchid, Part One
金蘭花 (下集) The Temple of the Golden Orchid, Part Two
神童追兇 The Chase
吸血婦 The Bloody Sucker
海 Sea
女偵探 Girl Detective
痴情兒女 Passionately in Love