The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
寶蝶記 The Precious Butterfly
玉郎三戲女將軍 Lau Kam-ding: the Female General
七彩胡不歸 Eternal Love
彩鳳榮華雙拜相 A Lady Prime Minister Of Two Countries
雙拜堂 Double Weddings
情長義更長 Love Is Great
好好運 Good Luck
十二欄杆十二釵 The Twelve Hairpins and the Twelve Balustrades
冒牌丈夫 The Hired Husband
孝子賢孫 Filial Sons and Grandchildren
龍虎風雲劍 The Precious Swords
玫瑰夫人 Madam Rose
血掌印 Mourn for Husband
天從人願 Dreams Come True
好兒孫 My Darling Children and Grandchildren
花開富貴錦城春 The Courtship of an Amazon
龍翔鳳舞慶新春 Prince's Lovers
玉龍三戲胭脂虎 Dragon and Tigress
銀箭金刀 The Silver Arrow and the Golden Blade
鐵鴛鴦 Iron Mandarin Duck
難測女兒心 She is Different
不斬樓蘭誓不還 No Return Without Victory
鳳閣驚魂 Horror in a Girl's Room
紅線女夜盜寶盒 Red Thread Steals a Precious Box
金鎖匙 The Golden Key
玉戒神魔 The Jade Ring and the Powerful Monster
血洗蝴蝶鏢 Butterfly Dart
情俠華雲龍 The Gallant Wah Wan-lung
萬事勝意 Marriage Between Poorness and Richness
大俠金葫蘆 The Golden Gourd
橫掃江南七霸天 Seven Little Valiant Fighters
打死不離親兄弟 An Agnostic and Sagacious Intercession
一飛沖天 Up to the Sky
梨渦一笑九重寃 A Smile of Woe
紅梅仙借屍還魂 Reincarnation of the Red Plum
三告狀 Sze Kwai-fun's Murder Case
仗義還妻 (下集) A False Marriage, Concluding Episode
仗義還妻 (上集) A False Marriage, Part One
木偶公主 Puppet Princess
龍虎恩仇龍鳳配 Twin's Trouble
刁蠻元帥莽將軍 A Maid Commander-in-chief and a Rash General
小甘羅拜相 (下集) Little Prime Minister, Concluding Episode
女駙馬金殿鳴冤 The Princess Present Her Petition
秋香怨 (下集) Grudge of Maidservant, Concluding Episode
秋香怨 (上集) Grudge of Maidservant, Part One
沉冤得雪 Injustice Undone
灰青五虎平西 How Di Qing and the Five Tigers Conquered the Weat
狄青五虎平西 How Tik Ching and the Five Tigers Conquered the West
珠樓錯 Love in the Pearl Chamber
新夜光杯 The New Magic Cup