The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
終須有日龍穿鳳 Someday I Will Make It
荊棘幽蘭 A Fair Lady with Ill Fate
寶玉奇緣 Romantic Adventure
幪面美人 Masked Beauty
珠聯璧合 Perfect Together
經紀拉 Broker Lai
豪門蕩婦 Lust of a Grand Lady
妬潮 Tides of Jealousy
擺錯迷魂陣 The Misarranged Love Trap
朝陽 Morning Sun
冷桃源 The Chilly Peach Field
銀海春光 The Silver World of Fantasy
茶花淚 Camille's Tears
春滿瓊樓 The Unexpected Guest
迷樓金粉 Lovely Dweller of Enchanting Tower
春滿香城 Spring is in Town
骨肉喜重逢 Seeing My Child Again
飄零女 Homeless Girl
假鳳凰 She's not the Real Lady
月光 Moonlight
第七號司機 Driver No. 7
海角紅樓 The Red House by the Sea
兩個大老襯 Two Lucky Fools
十大姐 Ten Schoolgirls
太太緝私團 Inspectress General
糊塗金龜婿 Non-sensical Son-in-law
夫妻的秘密 Secrets Between Husband and Wife
豪門春色 The Mysterious Family
金夫人 Madame Kam
工廠皇后 Three Love Affairs
摩登女郎 A Modern Wife
一對好冤家 Lover's Quarrels
金屋雙嬌 Wife and Mistress in the Same House
都市兩女性 Two City Girls
人海雙雛 All Minds to Give
女賊金蝴蝶 Golden Butterfly, the Lady Thief
女殺手 Lady Bond
盲童奇遇記 Adventure of a Blind Kid
無敵女殺手 Dragnet of the Law