The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
餐搵餐食餐餐有 To Earn a Living
黃飛鴻浴血硫磺谷 Wong Fei-hung in Sulphur Valley
江湖第一劍 The Supreme Sword
黃飛鴻虎鶴鬥五狼 Wong Fei-hung's combat with the five wolves
得咗 Sun Ma Tsai Scores
黃飛鴻神威伏三煞 Wong Fei-hung: The Conqueror of the 'Sam-hong Gang'
小魔俠 The Little Devil
四色復仇劍 The Avenging Sword
俠聖 The Chivalrous Saint
天狼寨 The Dragon Fortress
橫衝直撞入情關 A Mad Rush into Love
黐線世界 It’s a Crazy World
武林三鳳 (下集) Three Heroines, Part Two
黃飛鴻肉搏黑霸王 Wong Fei-hung: the Duel against the Black Rascal
殺手劍 The Killer's Sword
神鞭俠 The Mystical Whip-Wielding Hero
春光無限好 What a Good Time
飛俠小白龍 The White Dragon
黃飛鴻醉打八金剛 Wong Fei-hung: the Eight Bandits
武林三鳳 (上集) Three Heroines, Part One
瘋狂尋金記 Rush for Gold
黃飛鴻醒獅獨霸梅花樁 Wong Fei-hong: The Invincible Lion Dancer
如來神掌劈魔平九派 Buddhist Spirtual Palm
如來神掌再顯神威 The Mighty Palm
怪俠三氣胭脂虎 The Mysterious Saint
黃飛鴻威震五羊城 Wong Fei-hung: the Incredible Success in Canton
青春歌后 The Great Singer
鑽石大劫案 Diamond Robbery
黑野貓霸海揚威 Lady Black Cat Strikes Again
矇查查搵老婆 Finding a Wife in a Blind Way
玉女親情 The Love of an Innocent Girl
迷人小鳥 The Young Lovers
死亡通行証 A Death Pass
閃電煞星 Lightning Killer
藍色夜總會 The Man from Interpol
矇查查搵食 Making a Living in a Blind Way
玉女神偷 The Precious Mirror
新馬仔拍拖被辱 Adventures of Sun Ma Chai
雙鳳旗 (下集) The Double Peacock Flag, Concluding Episode
雙鳳旗 (上集) The Double Peacock Flag, Part One
兩湖十八鏢 (下集) The Seven Little Tigers, Concluding Episode
玉女追兇 The Big Chase
兩湖十八鏢 (上集) The Seven Little Tigers, Part One
我愛紫羅蘭 The Violet Girl
神秘的血案 A Fatal Adventure
青青河邊草 Grass is the Grass
有車階級 The Car Owner
百步迷蹤掌 (上集) The Infactuating Palm, Part One
金嬌銀更嬌 Who Is More Beautiful?
遺產一百萬 Legacy