The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
胭脂虎 The Rouge Tigress
朱門怨 The House of Sorrows
九九九命案 Dragnet
七重天 The Seventh Heaven
奇人奇遇 Adventures of a Fabulous Man
遺腹子 (上集) A Posthumous Child, Part One
遺腹子 (下集) A Posthumous Child, Part Two
手足情深 Brothers
血染相思谷 Blood Stains The Valley Of Love
唐山阿嫂 She Married An Overseas Chinese
椰林月 The Whispering Palm
九九九海灘命案 Murder on the Beach
鬼夜哭 The Nightly Cry of the Ghost
化身兄弟 Brothers in disguise
她的一生 The Story of Her Life
橫刀奪愛 The Love Thief
有情人 Those in Love
戰地笳聲海棠紅 Bugles of War
鮮花殘淚 Tears of the Flower
神童捉賊記 The Prodigy Who Caught the Thief
情賊 The Heart-stealer
阿超結婚 Ah Chiu is Getting Married
湖畔草 The Natural Son
情天血淚 Tragedy of Love
天倫情淚 Parents' Love Tears
大廈情殺案 Crime of Passion in the Mansion
通心樹 Price & passion
風雨幽蘭 The Ordeals of the Orchids
慈母驕兒 What a Mother Achieves
蜜月驚魂 Frightful Honeymoon
荒山盜屍案 Macabre
連理枝 Her Generosity
秋風殘葉 Autumn Leaf
難兄難弟 My Intimate Partners
雷雨之夜 The Stormy Night
五月雨中花 (上集) Blossom in Rainy May, Part One
五月雨中花 (下集) Blossom in Rainy May, Part Two
九九九廿四小時奇案 Dial 999 for 24-hour Murder Case
情天未老 Forever Beloved
夜半幽靈 Ghost That Was Not
神童歷險記 Adventures of Genius Boy
良心 Conscience
追妻記 How to Get a Wife
胭脂賊 Romantic Thief
患難真情 Miracle of Love
苦海明珠 Pearl in a Bitter Sea
九九九怪屍案 999 Grotesque Corpse
嫂夫人 Sacrifice for Love
清明時節 Ching Ming Festival
金石盟 The Eternal Vow