The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
魔鏡神珠 (下集) The Village Militia, Concluding Episode
鬼谷神珠 Pearl of the Devil Valley
雷克探案之血手凶刀 The Valiant Brothers
雷克探案之血影驚魂 The Shadow
趙五娘萬里尋夫 How Fifth Madam Chiu Went Far and Wide in Search of Her Husband
虎將奪王妃 The Empress and I
萬劫門 (下集) Gate to Hell, Concluding Episode
萬劫門 (上集) Gate to Hell, Part One
芙蓉帳暖度春宵 Misunderstanding Disturbance
臥虎藏龍 The Desperado, Part One
秋鳳 (下集) Lady Chow-fung, Part Two
秋鳳 (上集) Lady Chow-fung, Part One
王先生騎正胭脂馬 Mr. Wong's Adventures with the Unruly Girl
王先生行正桃花運 A Stroke of Romance for Mr. Wong
王先生著錯老婆裙 Mr. Wong is in His Wife's Dress by Mistake
王先生招親 Mr. Wong Advertises for a Wife
無敵天書 (下集) The Invincible Book from Heaven, Part Two
無敵天書 (上集) The Book of Invincibility, Part One
火葬生妲己 Tan Kei's Death by Fire
洛陽橋畔姑嫂墳 Sisters-in-laws' Tombs
沉香扇 Fan of Fragrant Wood
正德皇海角尋香 Emperor Zhengde's Romantic Adventures
正德皇情醉怡香苑 Emperor Zhengde Falls in Love in Yixiang Garden
歡喜夫妻 Home Sweet Home
望兒亭 (下集) Awaiting the Return of a Prodigal on the Pavilion, Part Two
書劍幽魂 Romance of a Beautiful Ghost
新肉山藏妲己 Tan Kei in the Meat Hill (remake)
彩菱艷 The Colourful Water Chestnut
小龍女三戲白蛇精 Little Dragon Girl and Lady White Snake
定天神劍 The Desperado, Part Two
孫悟空大戰群妖 Fairies and a Monkey
孫悟空七打九尾狐 Seven Fights with Nine Tail Fox
婦唱喜夫隨 Attractive Songstress
威風十八劍 The Eighteen Old Swordsmen and the Girl
女金剛大戰眼龍 The Iron Lady Against the One-eyed Dragon
女金剛大戰獨眼龍 The Iron Lady Against the One-eyed Dragon
天下第一劍 (上集) Sword of Vengeance, Part One
冷月寒梅 (大結局) Blooming Under a Cool Moon, Grand Finale
冷月寒梅 (下集) Blooming Under a Cool Moon, Part Two
冷月寒梅 (上集) Blooming Under a Cool Moon, Part One
倩女情俠 (上集) Public-spirited Lovers, Part One
仙笛神龍 (下集) Ingenious Fluter, Concluding Episode
仙笛神龍 (上集) Ingenious Fluter, Part One
仙劍神魔 (下集) Magic Sword and the Devil, Concluding Episode
仙劍神魔 (上集) Magic Sword and the Devil, Part One
三盜九龍杯 Three Attempts to Steal the Goblet of Nine Dragons
一笑傾城 A Kingdom for a Smile