The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳花燭 Wedding Candles
龍膽 Where the Dragon Dares
黑天堂 Black Heaven
黑夜奇寃 An Unusual Crime at Night
鴛鴦谷 Valley of the Love Birds
鴛鴦譜 The Matchmaker
鳳入龍樓 When a Woman Enters a Man's Home
魔宮妖后 Queen of the Devil's Palace
鬼屋 Ghost House
香城艷屍 The Case of a Beautiful Corpse
養子當知父母恩 Honour Thy Father and Mother
飄零燕 Drifting Swallow
顛鸞倒鳳 Man or Women?
霓裳恨 A Sad Tale of Rainbow Robes
雷雨 Thunderstorm
雪影寒梅 Plum Blossom in the Snow
難爲了爸爸 Poor Daddy
難為了爸爸 Poor Daddy
難得有情郎 He is a Rare and Passionate Lover
離婚之喜 The Divorce Brinkmanship
雞鳴狗盜 The Wonderful Partner
雙雄鬥智 Two Heroic Rivals
雙喜臨門 Double happiness at the door
阿超結婚 Ah Chiu is Getting Married
阿牛新傳 The New Story of Ah Ngau
長生塔 The Pagoda of Long Life
長恨歌 A Song of Everlasting Sorrow
錢 Money
銀紙萬歲 Long Live Money
金蘭姊妹 Sworn Sisters
金牌計 Her Majesty's Imperial Warrant
郎心何太忍 But How Cruel You Are
路 Road
貧賤夫妻百事哀 Everything Goes Wrong for the Poor Couple
豪華世家 The Noble Family
誰是兇手 Who's the Murderer?
西廂記 Romance at the Western Chamber
血字第一號 Blood No. 1
血債血償 An Eye for an Eye
虎口鴛鴦 They Fought Shoulder to Shoulder
薄命紅顏 The Beautiful but Poor Girl
萬里追踪 The Chase
萬劫鴛鴦 The Unfortunate Couple
萬劫情鴛 Lovers in a Myriad Perils
萍姬 Lady Ping
荔枝記 The Lychee's Tale
荒島驚魂 Adventure On a Deadly Island
荒唐女婿 The Impossible Son-in-law