The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
漢宮英烈傳 Poisoned Roses
火燒九龍城 Kowloon City Fire
灰青五虎平西 How Di Qing and the Five Tigers Conquered the Weat
烏龍王發達記 Silly Wong Growing Rich
烏龍王飛來艷福 Much Ado About Nothing
無頭女賣頭尋夫 A Pretended Ghost
無頭正宮教子鬧金鑾 Riot in the Palace
燕子啣來燕子箋 The Swallow's Message
狄青五虎平西 How Tik Ching and the Five Tigers Conquered the West
玉郎戲鳳賀春宵 Wife-Teasing at the Honeymoon
玉龍三戲胭脂虎 Dragon and Tigress
玉龍太子出家 Asalea Tomb
生死連枝 (上集) Between Life and Death, Part One
生死連枝 (下集) Between Life and Death, Part Two
白猿太子陰陽崖會母 Prince White Ape
白蟒鬧龍宮 A Large White Serpent
百行孝為先 Filial Piety is the Best Virtue
百鳥朝凰 The Courtship of the Queen
相逢未晚 Never Too Late to Meet
真假洞房春 A Confusing Honeymoon
神眼東宮認太子 (上集) The Magic-eyed Queen Spots the Prince, Part One
神眼東宮認太子 (下集) The Magic-eyed Queen Spots the Prince, the Concluding Episode
神蛇飛虎救正宮 Holy Snake and Flying Tiger
神鷹飛天俠 The Eagle Knight and the Crimson Girl
節婦斬情夫 A Chaste Widow's Grievance
糊塗大偵探 The Muddle-headed Detectives
紅梅白雪賀新春 The Elopement
紅白杜鵑花 Red and White Azaleas
紅粉飄零 Pretty Girl Homeless
紅菱巧破無頭案 Red Shoes Solves the Mystery Case
紅運媽姐 The Lucky Amah
紅鸞喜 Joyous Wedding
終歸有日龍穿鳳 Chances for Great Success
緣盡今生 Love Forever Severed
羅成叫關 Law Shing at the Gate
美人計 Lady Racketeer
腸斷十八年 Eighteen Years of Woe
腸斷江南燕子歸 When the Swallows Reterns
芙蓉帳暖度春宵 Misunderstanding Disturbance
花月又重圓 Joyous Reunion
花月爭輝 Radiant Love
花王之女 The Gardener's Daughter
花蝴蝶三氣飛天貓 Beautiful Butterfly
花開富貴錦城春 The Courtship of an Amazon
苦命女雪夜尋夫 Search in a Wintry Night
萍嫂 (上集) Ah Ping, Part One
萍嫂 (下集) Ah Ping, Part Two
萬事勝意 Marriage Between Poorness and Richness
萬里尋親記 The Search of Loved One
萬里琵琶關外月 The Moonlight and Pipa of the Borderland