The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
巴士銀妙計除三害 The Witty Bus Girl
巴士銀巧破豪門計 The Girl in the Bus
幪面美人 Masked Beauty
忍棄枕邊人 Cast Aside the Beloved One
快樂年華 Spring Time
恩愛冤家 Loving Enemies
我結婚十年 Ten Years of Marriage
摩登女郎 A Modern Wife
擺錯迷魂陣 The Misarranged Love Trap
改造小姐 The Modification of a Country Girl
新海角紅樓 New Red House by the Sea
斷腸玫瑰 The Broken Heart
春滿瓊樓 The Unexpected Guest
春滿花開燕子歸 Foolish To Be Wise
春滿香城 Spring is in Town
月光 Moonlight
朝陽 Morning Sun
本地狀元 Local Scandal
朱賣臣分妻 The Divorce of Chu Mai-Sen
林黛玉魂歸離恨天 The Tragic Death of Lam Doi-yuk
梟巢丹鳳 A Phoenix in the Vulture's Nest
樓上樓下兩相親 The Affairs of Two Families
歌唱泣荊花 Musical Story of the Wronged Wife
歌唱海棠紅 Musical Hoi Tong Hung
歡樂滿華堂 A House Filled with Happiness
歷劫親情 Forsaken Daughter
汽車兇殺案 The Motor Car Murder
海角紅樓 The Red House by the Sea
火燄山 The Flaming Mountain
烏龍偵探糊塗賊 A Blundering Detective and a Foolish Thief
無敵女殺手 Dragnet of the Law
無敵鴛鴦劍 The Invincible Yuanyang Sword
玉女親情 The Love of an Innocent Girl
盲童奇遇記 Adventure of a Blind Kid
真假千金 The Rich Girl And Her Double
神秘的兇手 The Mysterious Murderer
秦香蓮 Chun Heung-lin
空中女殺手 The Perilous Rescue
粉紅色炸彈 Pink Bomb
粉陣迷龍 Love's Captive
糊塗金龜婿 Non-sensical Son-in-law
終須有日龍穿鳳 Someday I Will Make It
經紀拉 Broker Lai
綽頭世界 A Gimmicky World
義勇雙雄 Two Courageous Heroes
自君別後 Since He Went Away
艷曲醉郎心 The Sensuous Singer
花染狀元紅 A Scholar Becomes Rich
花神 The White Peony
苦命鴛鴦 Bitter Romance