The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一見鍾情 Love at First Sight
七彩紅男綠女 Boys and Girls
三審狀元妻 The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife
乖侄 My Good Nephew
亂世紅伶 An Actress in War
人人為我, 我為人人 Do unto Others as They Do unto You
人心博人心 Kindness for Kindness
佛前姊妹花 Two Sisters in a Buddhist House
佳人有約 The Rendezvous
假正經 The Prude
做人新抱甚艱難 The Difficulties of Being a Daughter-in-Law
傻大姐 Funny Girl
兒女作冰人 Little Matchmakers
兒女私情 Intimate Love
冒牌丈夫 The Hired Husband
冰山逢怨侶 Love on the Mount
凄涼媳婦 Miserable Daughter-in-Law
初入情場 A Cadet in Love's Battle
十載尋夫記 The Ten-Year Search for the Missing Husband
危險十七歲 Dangerous Seventeen
卿本佳人 Pretty Woman
可憐女 A Poor Girl
合家有喜 The Blessed Family
呷錯醋 Misguided Jealousy
唔嫁 She Says "No" to Marriage
唔嫁又嫁 She Said "No" to Marriage but Now She Says "Yes
因禍得福 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
多情自古空餘恨 Love's Sad Ending
大地回春 Spring Returns
大情人 A Great Lover
大話夾好彩 Believe It or Not, It's a Stroke of Luck
天從人願 Dreams Come True
天降財神 Heaven-Sent Fortune
奪魄橫財 Root of Evils
女俠戲金龍 Marshal's Daughter and Refugee Prince
女大女世界 The Independent Daughter
女賊金燕子 The Golden Swallow
女賊黑野貓 Lady Black Cat
姻緣路情殺案 Appointment with Death
娛樂昇平 Joy and Peace
婦唱喜夫隨 Attractive Songstress
媽姐淚 The Maidservant's Sad Tale
嬲緣 The Mismatched Marriage
宮主刁蠻駙馬驕 Naughty Princess, Proud Husband
密底算盤 Bottom Tight Abacus
弄假成真 When Pretence Becomes Reality
彩鳳喜迎春 The Merry Phoenix
復活玫瑰 The Revived Rose
快樂年年 Happy Years
恨不相逢未嫁時 If Only We'd Met When I Was Single