The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
歌唱沙三少 Musical Third Master Sha
水冰心三戲過其祖 How Shui Bing-sum Thrice Played Tricks on Koi Kei-cho
火燒阿房宮 Palace Efang On Fire
烈女報夫仇 A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death
狀元紅 The Successful Scholar
狂風暴雨吊寒梅 Mourn for the Storm-beaten Plum Flower
狐仙奇緣 The Strange Fox
狡婦疴鞋 The Sly Woman
玉女香車 The Model and the Car
玉葵寶扇 The Magic Jade Fan
王昭君琵琶動漢皇 Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han
珠樓錯 Love in the Pearl Chamber
琴挑誤 (上集) Romantic Music, Part One
琴挑誤 (下集) Romantic Music, Concluding Episode
生紅娘三戲張君瑞 How the Red Maid Thrice Mocked Cheung Kwun-shui
疍家妹告皇帝 The Boat Girl Sues the King
癲婆尋仔 A Mad Woman Goes Hunting for Her Son
相逢盡是未婚人 All Acquaintances Are Single
碧玉簪 The Green Jade Hairpin
窮風流 Poor But Happy
紅拂女私奔 Lady Red-Broom Elopes
繅絲女 Silk Factory Girl
美男子潘安 The Brooch
胡不歸 (下集) Why Not Return? (Part 2)
花木蘭 Lady General Fa Muk-lan
苦命妻千里報夫仇 The Revenge of a Forlorn Wife
苦盡甘來 Success Follows Sorrow
蕩婦魂歸 Return of the Lascivious Woman's Soul
蛋家妹告皇帝 The Boat Girl Sues the King
蝴蝶夫人 Madam Butterfly
血洗愛河橋 Execution for Rebellion
血滴子 (上集) The Weapon, Blood Sucker, Part One
血滴子 (下集) The Weapon, Blood Sucker, Part Two
趙匡胤醉斬鄭恩 The Drunken Emperor Slays His Minister
酒樓戲鳳 Frolicking with a Pretty Maid in the Wineshop
鍾無艷 The Story of Zong Wu Yan
鐵咀雞 A Fierce Debator
鐵咀雞水鬼陞城隍 Iron-beaked Hen's Sudden Rise To Power
鐵嘴雞 Lady with a Silver and Bitter Tongue
鐵嘴雞水鬼陞城隍 Iron-Beaked Hen's Sudden Rise To Power
長相憶 Never Forgotten
陳夢吉與荒唐鏡 Chen Mengji and Huang Tangjing
陳夢吉鬥荒唐鏡 Chan Mung-kat versus Fong-tong Keng
陳姑追舟 Ms Chan's Boat Chase
風雨泣萍姬 Tragic Love Ping- kei
鸞鳳換香巢 Moving House
點錯鴛鴦譜 Mismatched Love Birds
龍翔鳳舞慶新春 Prince's Lovers
龍鳳嬉春 An Ideal Couple