The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
999離奇三兇手 Dial 999 for the Three Murderers
一笑傾城 A Kingdom for a Smile
七彩濟公傳之二:濟公大鬧公堂 Trouble in Court
七彩神火棒 Magic Fire Rod
七手八臂觀世音 Goddess of Mercy
七鳳鬥魔龍 The Battle Between the Seven Phoenixes and the Dragon
三宮六苑斬狐妃 Three Grand Palaces
三審玉堂春 The Three Trials of Yuk Tong Chun
三屍四命五重冤 Who's the Murderer?
三戰定江山 Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation
九九九神秘雙屍案 Twin Corpses Mystery
九九九離奇三兇手 Dial 999 for the Three Murderers
二郎神楊戩 Wonderful Foreteller
五鼠鬧東京 (上集) Five Rascals in the Eastern Capital, Part One
五鼠鬧東京 (下集) Five Rascals in the Eastern Capital, Part Two
仙劍神魔 (上集) Magic Sword and the Devil, Part One
仙劍神魔 (下集) Magic Sword and the Devil, Concluding Episode
仙鶴魔龍 Dragon and Fairy
偷香血債 Crime of Passion
兩個東宮爭太子 The Prince and Two Queens
再世紅梅記 Love in The Red Chamber
刁蠻元帥莽將軍 A Maid Commander-in-chief and a Rash General
勾魂鬼爪 White Hair Fairy
十三歲封王 Made Duke at Thirteen
十八追魂劍 Wonderful Handkerchief
半張碌架床 A Half Bed Space
南北鐵咀雞 Two Mouthy Ladies From The North And South
危城金粉 War Crisis
古墓追魂劍 Green Dragon Sword
哪吒三鬥紅孩兒 Nazha and Crimson Child
哪吒出世 The Birth of Nazha
哪吒劈天救母 How Na Zha Shattered Heaven to Save His Mother
大戰泗洲城 The Capture of the Evil Demons
大明忠烈傳 Martyrs of Ming
大紅袍 The Great Red Robe
大鬧三門街 The Sanmen Street Brawl
天劍神筆 Sword and Pen
天涯慈母淚 Mother's Tears
天齊寺會母 Tin Chai Temple
女飛俠紅姑 Crimson Girl
女黑俠飛鵝嶺救夫 Adventure of Black Heroine
妻賢子孝母含冤 The False Accusation of Mother
威震江湖八卦刀 Heroic Deed
威風十八劍 The Eighteen Old Swordsmen and the Girl
子母碑 The Gravestone
孔明三氣周瑜 How Zhou Yu was Thrice Defeated by Kong Ming
孫悟空七打九尾狐 Seven Fights with Nine Tail Fox
孫悟空七鬥八大仙 Monkey Saint Versus Eight Fairies
孫悟空三戲百花仙 Fairies and a Monkey
孫悟空大戰群妖 Fairies and a Monkey