The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
成家立室 Let's Build a Family
黑白飛天貓 Flying Cat
第一號女探員 Girl Detective 001
撈世界要醒目 The Three Couples
冷梅情淚 Love with Tears
行正烏龍運 Foolish Fate
情長義更長 Love Is Great
拉車少爺 The Rickshaw Puller
神槍小霸王 The Powerful Gunman and the Super Kid
神鎗小霸王 The Powerful Gunman and the Super Kid
春鶯戲鳳凰 A Well-matched Couple
五鼠鬧東京 The Five Rats' Adventures in the Eastern Capital
隔籬鄰舍兩家親 Two Family
紅菱血 Mysterious Murder
玫瑰夫人 Madam Rose
北鳳南凰 A Woman from the North and a Man from the South
四海一家親 Family of Four Seas
鳳閣驚魂 Horror in a Girl's Room
天字間諜網 The Spy
糊塗福星 Blundering But Lucky
血滴龍鳳杯 Parenthood
白帝城會妻 Rendezvous at Baidi City
橫掃江南七霸天 Seven Little Valiant Fighters
午夜勾魂 Trouble with Nightmare
雙劍盟 (下集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part Two
雙劍盟 (上集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part One
真假小俠紅蝴蝶 False and Genuine Little Red Butterfly
文武狀元爭彩鳳 Two Scholars in Contention for their Love
秦漢三盜攝魂鈴 The Devil Bell
秋香怨 (下集) Grudge of Maidservant, Concluding Episode
三婿回門 Three Grooms for Three Brides
秋香怨 (上集) Grudge of Maidservant, Part One
車底驚魂 Trauma under the Car
雷電雙屍救太子 Mummy in Play
紅爐火 Stove Fire
抬轎姑爺 Story of a Sedan-bearer
怪俠金絲貓 The Golden Cat
孤兒救祖 The Orphan's Adventure
夜光杯 (下集) The Magic Cup, Concluding Episode
夜光杯 The Magic Cup, Part One
夜光杯 (上集) The Magic Cup, Part One
游龍情俠 The Valiant Prince
戇姑爺 The Idiotic Son-in-law
蛇頭苗 Miao Tribe
義犬神童 The Prodigious Child and Her Loyal Dog
彩菱艷 The Colourful Water Chestnut
猛鬼孤兒 The Poor Child
陣陣驚魂 The Kidnappers
月下奇逢 The Dream Comes True
五兒哭墳 Five Sons Crying at the Tomb