The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
女人是天神 Women Are Angels
七彩天堂 Colourful Paradise
威風大少惡千金 A Wonderful Marriage
奪魄幽靈 The Ghost that Haunts
寶蝶記 The Precious Butterfly
我的愛人就是你 You are my Love
青山依舊夕陽紅 Family Doctrine, Part Two
詩禮傳家 Family Doctrine, Part One
天荒情未老 Eternal Love
三姑嫂 (下集) The Three Sisters, Part Two
三姑嫂 (上集) The Three Sisters, Part One
萍嫂 (下集) Ah Ping, Part Two
萍嫂 (上集) Ah Ping, Part One
千手神拳 (下集) The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands, Concluding Episode
千手神拳 (上集) The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands, Part One
好好運 Good Luck
十二欄杆十二釵 The Twelve Hairpins and the Twelve Balustrades
騎樓底新娘 A Homeless Bride
三個正宮殺太子 (下集) Three Queens' Assassination of the Prince, Part Two
三個正宮殺太子 (上集) Three Queens' Assassination of the Prince, Part One
改期添丁 Postponement of Childbirth
好仔不如好新抱 The Heart Voice
龍虎風雲劍 The Precious Swords
血掌印 Mourn for Husband
恨海情天 The Roots of All Evils
香城九鳳 The Nine Phoenixes of the City
添丁發財 A Happy Matrimony
花開富貴錦城春 The Courtship of an Amazon
金箭銀龍 Sit's Achievment
玉龍三戲胭脂虎 Dragon and Tigress
七彩寶蓮燈 The Lotus Lamp
不斬樓蘭誓不還 No Return Without Victory
白蟒鬧龍宮 A Large White Serpent
白猿太子陰陽崖會母 Prince White Ape
假玉郎 A Funny Match
玉龍太子出家 Asalea Tomb
情俠華雲龍 The Gallant Wah Wan-lung
萬事勝意 Marriage Between Poorness and Richness
雙雄震九洲 The Masked Hero
雙太子飛渡雁門關 The Two Princes' Passage Through the Wild Goose Gate
打死不離親兄弟 An Agnostic and Sagacious Intercession
薔薇之戀 The Songstress Madame Rose
乞兒小皇帝 Little Beggar King
望夫亭 Awaiting the Husband to Return on a Pavilion
斬柴仔封王 The Chopper that Becomes a King
飛天寶扇鬥神燈 The Fight between the Flying Fan and the Magic Lamp
恩重如山 A Gratitude As Weighty As The Mountain
銀合太子乞食告御狀 Prince on Trial
龍虎風雲萬里紅 The Good Family Safe the Country
龍虎恩仇龍鳳配 Twin's Trouble