The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
三審玉堂春 The Three Trials of Yuk Tong Chun
三王嫁二喬 The Marriages of the Two Princesses
紮腳劉金定 The Story of Liu Jinding
胭脂井 The Rouge Well
花開並蒂蓮 Twin Lotuses
七俠五義夜探沖宵樓 Seven Heroes Spy on Chongxiao Bower
冤枉相思 Misguided Love
武松打虎 Mo Chung Fights the Tiger
第八才子花箋記 Poetic Genius
紥脚樊梨花 Fan Lei-fa
三屍四命五重冤 Who's the Murderer?
猩猩女飛馬斬魔龍 (上集) Daughter of King Kong, Part One
猩猩女飛馬斬魔龍 (下集) Daughter of King Kong, Concluding Episode
骨肉情深姊妹花 Two Sister and the Stepmother
天涯慈母淚 Mother's Tears
樊梨花掛帥罪子 Fan Lei-fa and Her Adopted Son
百萬軍中藏阿斗 A-dou in the Army
忠孝雙全並蒂花 Two Honourable S1isters
雲台十八劍 The Swordsmen of Mount Win Toi
女黑俠飛鵝嶺救夫 Adventure of Black Heroine
女飛俠紅姑 Crimson Girl
富貴花開鳳凰臺 New Year's Greetings
百戰榮歸迎彩鳳 Return from Battle for His Love
血淚種情花 Love with Tears
萬里烽煙尋妹喜 The Cruel King
威震江湖八卦刀 Heroic Deed
英雄肝膽美人心 Hero and Beauty
金鳳斬蛟龍 Seven Phoenixes
古墓追魂劍 Green Dragon Sword
十八追魂劍 Wonderful Handkerchief
三宮六苑斬狐妃 Three Grand Palaces
武林十三劍 (上集) The Thirteen Swords, Part One
武林十三劍 (下集) The Thirteen Swords, Part Two
三戰定江山 Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation
盲公睇女婿 When the Blind Man Sees His Son-in-law
神燈換太子 Heroes of the Age
十三歲封王 Made Duke at Thirteen
無敵楊家將 Female General Mrs Yeung
雙龍丹鳳霸皇都 The Heroes and the Beauty
危城金粉 War Crisis
沉冤得雪 Injustice Undone
金鐧怒碎銀安殿 Uproar in the Palace
平陽宮主替子受斬刑 Princess Ping Yang
一笑傾城 A Kingdom for a Smile
刁蠻元帥莽將軍 A Maid Commander-in-chief and a Rash General
哪吒出世 The Birth of Nazha
黛玉葬花 Substituted Bride
薛門七女將 Seven Woman Generals
鳳閣恩仇未了情 The Princess in Distress
哪吒三鬥紅孩兒 Nazha and Crimson Child