The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一劍九連環 A Sword and Nine Rings, Part One
一見鍾情 Love at First Sight
三王嫁二喬 The Marriages of the Two Princesses
九九九我是兇手 Spontaneous Confession
九命奇寃 The Tragedy of Nine Lives
人人為我, 我為人人 Do unto Others as They Do unto You
佳人有約 The Rendezvous
侯門怨 An Aristocratic Affair
假正經 The Prude
做人新抱甚艱難 The Difficulties of Being a Daughter-in-Law
元配夫人 The Proper Wife
兒女情深 Love's Obligation
兒女私情 Intimate Love
冷戰夫妻 A Couple in Cold War
冷暖親情 (上集) Parent's Love, Part One
冷暖親情 (下集) Parent's Love, Part Two
十萬童屍 Massacre of the Innocents
半劍一鈴 (上集) A Broken Sword, Part One
半劍一鈴 (下集) A Broken Sword, Part Two
卿本佳人 Pretty Woman
唔嫁 She Says "No" to Marriage
唔嫁又嫁 She Said "No" to Marriage but Now She Says "Yes
多情燕子歸 Homeward the Swallow Flies
大地回春 Spring Returns
大鄉里少爺 Mr Country Bumpkin
天降財神 Heaven-Sent Fortune
女大女世界 The Independent Daughter
媽姐淚 The Maidservant's Sad Tale
嬲緣 The Mismatched Marriage
孤鳳淚 Tears of Isolated Phoenix
工廠玫瑰 Lover's Grief
弄假成真 When Pretence Becomes Reality
怪俠粉菊花 The Chrysanthemum Thief
恨不相逢未嫁時 If Only We'd Met When I Was Single
恩恩愛愛 A Couple in Love
情俠華雲龍 The Gallant Wah Wan-lung
意中人 Darling
打破玉籠飛彩鳳 The Phoenix's Escape
拜錯石榴裙 Misjudged Courtship
捷足先得 First Come, First Served
摩登新娘 Bride à la Mode
文姬歸漢 Man-kei's Return to the Han people
新毒玫瑰 The Rose
日月重光 The Sun and the Moon Shine Again
有女萬事足 Now That I've Got a Daughter, Everything's O.K.
歌唱倫文敘 Musical Lun Man-chui
淚娉婷 (上集) Beauty in Tears, Part One
淚娉婷 (下集) Beauty in Tears, Part Two
灕江河畔血海仇 (下集) The Big Revenge, Part Two
為情顛倒 Lovesick