The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
鐵膽恩仇 Revenger
鐵膽 The Dreadnaught
鐵扇公主 Iron Fan Princess
鎖着的新娘 The Gilded Cage
錯燒龍鳳燭 Wrong Wedding
錦艷同輝香雪海 The Splendour of Snow
錦繡年華 The Wonderful Years
錦繡年華 (下集) The Splendid Years of Youth, Part Two
錦繡年華 (上集) The Splendid Years of Youth, Part One
錦繡天堂 Beautiful Heaven
錦繡前程 The Long and Winding Road
錦繡人生 This Wonderful Life
錦上添花 The Best of Everything
錢作怪 Money Is the Root of All Evil
錢 Money
銷魂賊 The Sexy Thief
銀紙萬歲 Long Live Money
銀燈魔影 Phantom in the Limelight
銀燈照玉郎 My Love under the Silvery Lamp
銀燈照玉人 Marriage Is a Life-long Business for Better or Worse
銀海春光 The Silver World of Fantasy
銀河抱月 Silvery Moon
金鷗 Golden Gull
金鳳迎春 A Phoenix in Springtime
金骷髏 The Golden Skull
金門女 Golden Gate Girl
金鈕扣 Gold Button
金蘭姊妹 Sworn Sisters
金葉菊 (下集) The Golden-Leaf Chrysanthemum, Part Two
金葉菊 (上集) The Golden-Leaf Chrysanthemum, Part One
金色聖誕夜 Golden Christmas Eve
金石盟 The Eternal Vow
金玉滿華堂 A Houseful of Treasures
金指環 The Golden Ring
金手鎗 The Golden Gun
金山大少 The Chair
金屋雙嬌 Wife and Mistress in the Same House
金屋藏嬌 The Secret Mistress
金嬌銀更嬌 Who Is More Beautiful?
金夫人 Madame Kam
金大嫂 Mrs Kam
野花香 Wild Flowers are Sweeter
野花那有家花香 Home Flowers are Sweeter Still
重重圍困 Besieged
重續今生未了緣 We'll Be Together
重生 Born Again
重婚淚 The Tragedy of a Double Marriage
酒店情殺案 Crime of Passion in the Hotel
鄰家有女初長成 The Girl Next Door
鄉里夫人 The Country Wife