The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
此恨綿綿無絕期 Everlasting Regret
倫文敘賣菜 Lun Man-Chui Sells Vegetables
珠江淚 Dawn Must Come
黃飛鴻傳 三集: 血戰流花橋 The Story of Wong Fei-hung, Part Three: The Battle by Lau Fa Bridge
魔鬼家庭 The Devil's Family
落花時節落花樓 The Season of Falling Petals
朝陽 Morning Sun
別離人對奈何天 Parting unto Sky's End
天堂春夢 An Illusion of Paradise
難為了媽媽 Poor Mother
難爲了媽媽 Poor Mother
夜桃源 Peach Blossom Fount by Night
歌唱碧容探監 Bik-yung Pays a Visit to Prison
恩情深似海 A Love So Deep and Great
梁山伯再會祝英台 Leung Shan-pak's Second Meeting with Chuk Ying-toi
兩個刁蠻女三氣蕭月白 How Two Naughty Girls Thrice Insulted Siu Yuet-pak
蓬門小鳳 Daughter of a Humble House
二八嬌妻一歲郎 How a Sixteen Year Old Girl Married a One Year Old Husband
摩登新娘 Bride à la Mode
一對胭脂馬 Two Naughty Girls
敗家仔 The Prodigal Son
蠶虫師爺 Wise Guy
佳人有約 The Rendezvous
新婚記 The Newlyweds
往事知多少 The Lady in Black
恨海香魂 Woman in Grief
秋 Autumn
長使我郎淚滿襟 Grief-Stricken for My Husband
漢武帝夢會衛夫人 The Dream Encounter between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wai
改期結婚 The Postponed Wedding
落花流水 Spring's Flight
錯燒龍鳳燭 Wrong Wedding
歷盡艱辛一婦人 Her Difficult Life
川島芳子 The Beautiful Spy, Kawashima Yoshiko
父母心 Parents' Hearts
梁紅玉擊鼓退金兵 How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
關公月下釋貂蟬 Kwan-ti, God of War
釵頭鳳 The Phoenix Hairpin
畫裏天仙 Fairy In Drawing
宮主刁蠻駙馬驕 Naughty Princess, Proud Husband
芙蓉仙子 Princess Hibiscus
三審狀元妻 The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife
一把存忠劍 A Patriot's Sword
香城兇影 Murderer In Town
璇宮艷史 (下集) My Kingdom for a Honeymoon
月宮寶盒 The Magic Box
海角紅樓 The Red House by the Sea
風流天子與多情孟麗君 The Playboy Emperor and the Dedicated Meng Lijun
天官賜福 A Gift of Happiness