The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
大丈夫日記 (下集) The Diary of a Husband, Part Two
大師姐 The Big Sister
大戰泗洲城 The Capture of the Evil Demons
大紅袍 The Great Red Robe
天劍神筆 Sword and Pen
天堂春夢 An Illusion of Paradise
天官賜福 A Gift of Happiness
天火爐 The Lightning Caldron
天狼寨 The Dragon Fortress
天荒情未老 Eternal Love
天賜橫財 A Big Fortune
奇女薛一娘 The Strange Lady Xue Yiniang
奪命雌雄劍 The Phoenix Swords
奪魂旗 (下集) Snatch Soul Flag, Concluding Episode
奪魄橫財 Root of Evils
女人世界 Women's World
女人第一 Lady First
女偵探 Girl Detective
女權 The Right of Women
女殺手 Lady Bond
女生外向 When Girls are in Love
女賊金蝴蝶 Golden Butterfly, the Lady Thief
女鐵膽 The Heroine
女駙馬金殿鳴冤 The Princess Present Her Petition
女黑俠威震地獄門 The Black Musketeer, Part Three
女黑俠木蘭花 The Black Musketeer 'F'
女黑俠血戰黑龍黨 The Woman in Black and the Black Dragon
好兒孫 My Darling Children and Grandchildren
好冤家 Dear Llove
好好運 Good Luck
如來神掌 (上集) The Young Swordsman Lung Kim-fei, Part One
如來神掌再顯神威 The Mighty Palm
如來神掌劈魔平九派 Buddhist Spirtual Palm
如來神掌怒碎萬劍門 The Furious Buddha's Palm
妙人奇遇 The Adventures of a Strange Man
姐姐的情人 My Sister's Love
媽媽要我嫁 The Happy Wedlock
子母碑 The Gravestone
孝子賢孫 Filial Sons and Grandchildren
孫悟空大鬧香港 Monkey in Hong Kong
學生王子 The Student Prince
孽債親情 Debts and Relationships
孽海遺恨 (上集) Eternal Regret, Part One
定天神劍 The Desperado, Part Two
宮主刁蠻駙馬驕 Naughty Princess, Proud Husband
富貴滿華堂 Riches in Splendour
寶城劍侶 The Sword Couple
寶蝶記 The Precious Butterfly
小偵探 Little Detective
小姐、先生、師奶 Miss. Mr. Mrs.