The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
斷魂劍 (上集) The Immortal Sword, Part One
斷魂劍上集 The Immortal Sword, Part One
旺財嫂 Good Wife
春光無限好 What a Good Time
春怨 Spring Obsession
昨夜夢魂中 A Private Affair
書劍幽魂 Romance of a Beautiful Ghost
月下奇逢 The Dream Comes True
月光光 Moonlight
月宮寶盒 The Magic Box
望兒樓 Watch Tower
望夫亭 Awaiting the Husband to Return on a Pavilion
朝陽 Morning Sun
木偶公主 Puppet Princess
李仙 The Legend of Li Xian
東江之水越山來 Water Comes Over the Hills from the East
梁山伯再會祝英台 Leung Shan-pak's Second Meeting with Chuk Ying-toi
梁紅玉擊鼓退金兵 How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat
橫衝直撞入情關 A Mad Rush into Love
歌唱碧容探監 Bik-yung Pays a Visit to Prison
歡樂歌聲滿華堂 Life with Courage and Joy
此恨綿綿無絕期 Everlasting Regret
步步驚魂 Intense Moment
武林聖火令 (下集) Moslem Sacred Fire Decree, Concluding Episode
武潘安 Valiant Pan An
武當七俠 The Seven Heroes of Wudang Mountain
歷盡艱辛一婦人 Her Difficult Life
死亡通行証 A Death Pass
殘月離魂 The Ghost That Was Not
毒天使 The Venomous Angel
江湖七虎 The Seven Tigers
法網情絲 Between Justice and Love
洪宣嬌 Hung Suen-kin
浪子 The Prodigal
浪子佳人 Love with a Prodigal
海底龍吟劍 (下集) The Dragon Sword at the Bottom of the Sea, Part Two
海角紅樓 The Red House by the Sea
添丁發財 A Happy Matrimony
清明時節 Ching Ming Festival
漁港恩仇 Adventure in Fishing Harbour
漢宮英烈傳 Poisoned Roses
漢武帝夢會衛夫人 The Dream Encounter between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wai
火燒紅蓮寺 (上集) Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery, Part One
火燒紅蓮寺 (下集) Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery, Part Two
火鳳狂龍 The Restoration of Kingdom Qi
烏龍偵探糊塗賊 A Blundering Detective and a Foolish Thief
無情寶劍有情天 The Revenge Battle
無敵天書 (上集) The Book of Invincibility, Part One
無敵鴛鴦劍 The Invincible Yuanyang Sword
燕子啣來燕子箋 The Swallow's Message