The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
父母心 Parents' Hearts
狀元巧破蜜蜂計 Operation Bees
狂人塔 (上集) The Mad Tower, Part One
狂人塔 (下集) The Mad Tower, Part Two
獅吼記 The Lion's Roar
獨立橋之戀 The Merdeka Bridge
玉女含寃 You Do Me Wrong
玉女心 Teenage Love
玉女求凰 Manhunt
玉女痴情 The Long Three-year Wait
玉女金剛 The Female Chivalry
玉戒神魔 The Jade Ring and the Powerful Monster
玉樓三鳳 Three Young Girls
玉面閻羅 (下集) The Bloody Devil, Concluding Episode
玉龍三戲胭脂虎 Dragon and Tigress
玉龍太子出家 Asalea Tomb
王先生行正桃花運 A Stroke of Romance for Mr. Wong
玫瑰芍藥海棠紅 Singing Darlings
珠江淚 Dawn Must Come
璇宮艷史 (下集) My Kingdom for a Honeymoon
瓊樓魔影 The Shadow Strikes Again
生死連枝 (上集) Between Life and Death, Part One
生神仙 The Human Fairy
男婚女嫁 Come to the Marriage Age
男男女女 Men and Women
畫裏天仙 Fairy In Drawing
痴男怨女 The Beloved Couple
瘋狂尋金記 Rush for Gold
白兔會 Fete of the White Hare
白天鵝 The White Swan
白猿太子陰陽崖會母 Prince White Ape
白骨離魂針 (下集) The Devil and Her Magic Needles, Part Two
百步迷蹤掌 (下集) The Infatuating Palm, Concluding Episode
百鳥朝凰 The Courtship of the Queen
盲俠穿心劍 (上集) The Legend of the Blind Knight-errant, Part One
盲俠穿心劍 (下集) The Legend of the Blind Knight-errant, Concluding Episode
相思湖畔 The Silent Love
真假小俠紅蝴蝶 False and Genuine Little Red Butterfly
真假情人 The Real and Phony Lovers
矇查查搵老婆 Finding a Wife in a Blind Way
矇查查發達 Unexpected Riches
矇查查的愛情 Confused Love
碧海青天夜夜心 The Long Voyage Home
碧落紅塵 (三集大結局) Revenge, Concluding Episode
碧落紅塵 (上集) Revenge, Part One
碧血金釵 (三集) The Azure Blood and the Golden Pin, Part Three
碧血金釵 (下集) The Azure Blood and the Golden Pin, Part Two
神偷情賊 (上集) Love Is What I Steal, Part One
神弓 The Magic Bow
神探智破艶屍案 The Detective