The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
璇宮艷史 (上集) My Kingdom For a Husband
珠樓錯 Love in the Pearl Chamber
玉龍三戲胭脂虎 Dragon and Tigress
玉郎三戲女將軍 Lau Kam-ding: the Female General
玉女英魂 (上集) A Brave Young Girl's Spirit, Part One
玉女的秘密 Secret of a Maiden Doll
玉女痴情 The Long Three-year Wait
爛賭二當老婆 The Gambler's Wife
無敵神童方世玉 Fong Sai-yuk, an Unrivalled Boy
烏龍將軍 The Blundering General
為郎頭斷也心甜 Eternal Love
火燒少林寺 (上集) Burning of the Shaolin Temple, Part One
火海勝字旗 Knight of the Victory Marked Flag
漢武帝夢會衛夫人 The Dream Encounter between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wai
滄海遺珠 The Lost Pearl
清宮劍影錄 (下集) Musketeers in Qing Palace, Concluding Episode
深閨夢裡人 The Lover Ever in Her Dream
海角紅樓 The Red House by the Sea
海棠紅 A Poor Girl
海底龍吟劍 (上集) The Dragon Sword at the Bottom of the Sea, Part One
流浪小天使 Homeless Children
歷劫花 The Long-suffering Girl
此恨綿綿無絕期 Everlasting Regret
檳城艷 Belle in Penang
梨渦一笑九重寃 A Smile of Woe
梅蘭菊竹 Young and Beautiful
梅娘 Madam Mei
東江女霸王 Guerrilla Queen
月光光 Moonlight
暴雨紅蓮 Lotus in the Rain
春色滿璇宮 Never Give Up
春曉人歸時 Auld Land Syne
春怨 Spring Obsession
春 Spring
旺財嫂 Good Wife
日出 Sunrise
方世玉擂台救母 Fong Sai-yuk Rescued His Mother in the Boxing Ring
斷腸玫瑰 The Broken Heart
改造小姐 The Modification of a Country Girl
播音王子 Prince Of Broadcasters
摩登女郎 A Modern Wife
拉車少爺 The Rickshaw Puller
扭計新娘 The Wise Bride
手車伕之戀 The Love of a Rickshaw Coolie
愛情永遠在懷念中 Sweetness of Love
愛 (上集) Love, Part One
情海茫茫 Boundless Love
情海幽蘭 Everlasting Love
情俠華雲龍 The Gallant Wah Wan-lung
情俠情仇 Affection and Hatred of the Knight