The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一劍情 Romance of the Sword
一劍震江湖 The Conquering Sword
一對好冤家 Lover's Quarrels
一屍五命案 One Murder, Five Deaths
一帆風順 Sail on to Success
一枝紅艷露凝香 A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant
一水隔天涯 Beyond the Horizon
一滴俠義血 (下集) The Chivalric Blood, Part Two
一見痴情 Love at First Sight
七個胭脂虎 Seven Ferocious Women
七鳳嬉春 Seven Daughters of Tsoi
三十年胭脂淚 Last Minute
三告狀 Sze Kwai-fun's Murder Case
不斬樓蘭誓不還 No Return Without Victory
九九九怪屍案 999 Grotesque Corpse
九九九毒天鵝 999 Poisonous Swan
二八嬌妻一歲郎 How a Sixteen Year Old Girl Married a One Year Old Husband
人海奇花 The Strange Girl
人海雙雛 All Minds to Give
人道 Humanity
人鬼恩仇 An Affair between a Man and a Ghost
仗義還妻 (下集) A False Marriage, Concluding Episode
代代扭紋柴 The Stubborn Generations
似水流年 Time Flows Like a Stream
你情我願 Courting Before Marriage
俏冤家 A Couple of Happy Enemies
倚天屠龍記 (上集) Story of the Sword and the Sabre, Part One
免死金牌 The Imperial Warrant
兔女郎 Bunny Girl
六月雪 Snow Storm in June
冒牌丈夫 The Hired Husband
冬戀 Winter Love
刁蠻元帥莽將軍 A Maid Commander-in-chief and a Rash General
劍神傳 The Magnificent Swordsman
化身情人 Love in Disguise
十載繁華一夢銷 Wealth Gone Like a Dream
千手神拳 (上集) The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands, Part One
千金之女 The Millionaire's Daughter
半劍一鈴 (下集) A Broken Sword, Part Two
半張碌架床 A Half Bed Space
半生老婆奴 Henpecked Husband
南北喜相逢 The Greatest Love Affair on Earth
卿何薄命 An Ill-fated Girl
同屋共住 Different Residents Living Together
咖啡女郎 The Two Cafe Girls
喜結未了緣 Unexpected Wedding of Lovers
四兒女 (下集) Four Children, Part Two
夜深沉 Sombre Night
大少奶 Our Daughter-in-law
大飯店 The Paradise Hotel