The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
再折長亭柳 The Second Attempt
紅顏未老恩先斷 Separated Too Soon
連生貴子 A Baby for Everybody
齊宣王與鍾無艷 (上集) Emperor Chai Suen and Chung Mo-yim, Part One
陳夢吉鬥荒唐鏡 Chan Mung-kat versus Fong-tong Keng
齊宣王與鍾無艷 (下集) Emperor Chai Suen and Chung Mo-yim, part two
慈母殺嬌兒 A Good Mother Kills Her Son
生死纏綿 Romance Forever
不是冤家不聚頭 Strange Bedfellows
萬里長城 The Great Wall
賣肉救家姑 A Moral Hooker
天花龍鳳 Out of This World
寶玉奇緣 Romantic Adventure
大四喜 Full Happiness
幪面美人 Masked Beauty
洞房移作兩家春 Honeymoon for Two
人面桃花相映紅 Faces as Red as Peach Blossoms
郎是春日風 My Love is Like the Wind of Spring
桃花大俠 Peach Bloosom Hero
雙喜臨門 Double happiness at the door
新關東大俠 Neo-Northeast Hero
義勇雙雄 Two Courageous Heroes
肉山藏妲己 Tan Kei in the Meat Hill
迫虎跳牆 No More Retreat
方世玉胡惠乾三探武當山 Fong Sai-yuk and Wu Wai-kin's Three Attempts at Wudang Mountain
飛燕迎春 Swallows Welcome Spring
大鬧廣昌隆 Ruckus at Kwong Cheong Lung
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
紅孩兒 The Red Kid
怪俠飛天龍 Flying Dragon, The Strange Hero
陳夢吉與荒唐鏡 Chen Mengji and Huang Tangjing
一生兒女債 Life Debt of Our Children
藍湖碧玉 A Fair Lady by the Blue Lagoon
肉陣葬龍沮 Sex to Kill the Devil
雙鳳求凰 Two Women After One Man
姑嫂墳 Tomb for Sisters-in-law
鳳入龍樓 When a Woman Enters a Man's Home
相逢未晚 Never Too Late to Meet
相依為命 Hanging on Together
斷腸花 A Desperate Woman
長使蛾眉淚滿襟 A Woman's Heart is Never Mended
守得雲開見月明 It Will Pay Off
石鬼仔出世 The Birth of Kiddy Stone
豬八戒打爛盤絲洞 Pigsy Destroys the Spider Cave
鬥氣夫妻 A Quarrelsome Couple
紅樓夢 The Red Chamber Dream
苦命女巧遇有情郎 A Pitiable Girl Saved by Love
海角沉冤 Misjudged
郎心碎妾心 Broken Hearted
風流寶鑑 The Lexicon of Love