The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
麗鬼呼聲 Outcry of the Ghost
麗鬼冤仇 The Beautiful Ghost's Grievance
麗娘尋夫記 Looking for Her Husband
鸞鳳換香巢 Moving House
鸞鳳和鳴 Happily Married
鵬程萬里 The Roc's Long Flight
鴻運當頭 Fortune Shines Down
鴻運喜當頭 As Luck Will Have It
鴛鴦谷 Valley of the Love Birds
鴛鴦譜 The Matchmaker
鴛鴦福祿 Love Follows Fortune
鴛鴦淚 Lovers' Tears
鴛鴦江遺恨 (下集) River of Mandarin Duck, Part Two
鴛鴦江遺恨 (上集) River of Mandarin Duck, Part One
鴛鴦劫 Lovers Mystery
鴛鴦刀 (下集) The Mandarin Swords, Concluding Episode
鴛鴦刀 (上集) The Mandarin Swords, Part One
鴛夢重溫 Happiness Regained
鳳閣驚魂 Horror in a Girl's Room
鳳閣重開姊妹花 Two Sisters in Phoenix Bower
鳳閣恩仇未了情 The Princess in Distress
鳳還巢 Sisters of Different Mother
鳳舞驚魂 Crime Behind the Curtain
鳳笛雲歌 (下集) A Song to Remember, Part Two
鳳笛雲歌 (上集) A Song to Remember, Part One
鳳燭燒殘淚未乾 Sad Wedding
鳳嬌投水 She Plunged to Her Death
鳳凰山龍虎鬥 Duel on the Phoenix Hill
鳳入龍樓 When a Woman Enters a Man's Home
鯉魚精 The Carp Spirit
鮮花殘淚 Tears of the Flower
魚雁曲 A Remindful Poem
魚腸劍 The Hidden Dagger
魔鬼的愛情 Love of a Devil
魔鬼家庭 The Devil's Family
魔鏡神珠 (下集) The Village Militia, Concluding Episode
魔鏡神珠 (上集) The Village Militia, Part One
魔窟尋蹤 Ghostly Shadows in Paradise
魔穴神娃 (下集) The Mysterious Swordwoman, Concluding Episode
魔穴神娃 (上集) The Mysterious Swordwoman, Part One
魔犬追兇 Hound Murderer Case
魔爪神鞭 The Claw and the Whip
魔影驚魂 The Horrors of the Evil Shadow
魔宮神掌 (下集) Palace of Evil, Part Two
魔宮神掌 (上集) Palace of Evil, Part One
魔宮妖后 Queen of the Devil's Palace
魂歸離恨天 Love Lingers On
魂斷藍橋 Love Ended by the Blue Bridge