The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
七劍十三俠 (三集) Thirteen Heroes with Seven Swords, Part Three
神秘女俠 Mysterious Heroine
大鬧粉粧樓 Adventure at the Women's House
西施 Sai See
俠義鋤奸 Justice Wins
石鬼仔夜戰五虎將 Kiddy Stone's Night Battle with the Five Tiger Generals
孽海痴魂 (下集) A Devoted Soul, Part Two
生死同心 Let's Live Together
春風秋雨 Little Shrimp
孽海痴魂 (上集) A Devoted Soul, Part One
血滴子 (下集) The Weapon, Blood Sucker, Part Two
血滴子 (上集) The Weapon, Blood Sucker, Part One
倫文敘賣菜 Lun Man-Chui Sells Vegetables
李元霸 Lee Yuen-ba
瓊樓恨 The Haunted House
方世玉火燒紅雲寺 Fong Sai-yuk Burns the Red Cloud Temple
垃圾天堂 Trashy Heaven
洪熙官血濺柳家村 Hung Hei-kun's Big Brawl at the Lau Village
樊梨花 The Story of Fan Lei-fa
空屋箱屍 Corpse in a Case
淒涼姊妹花 The Miserable Sisters
鐵羅漢勇救玉觀音 The Goddess' Rescue by Buddha
蜀山劍俠 Swordsman of Shu Mountain
血染斷腸碑 The Blood-Soaked Tomb
到處惹相思 Romance Everywhere
紅蝴蝶大戰採花賊 Between the Suited and the Suitor
三盜九龍盃 Three Attempts at the Nine Dragon Cup
可憐閨裏月 A Pitiable Wife
我愛薄情郎 Devoted to the Unfaithful
夜破藏香洞 Night Discovery of the Women's Trap
武松血濺鴛鴦樓 Mo Tsung's Blood Fight at Double Pavilion
寶玉憶晴雯 Bo-yuk in Memorial of Ching-man
背解紅羅 Loosing the Red Sack
背解紅羅 (上集) Loosing the Red Sack, Part One
背解紅羅 (下集) Loosing the Red Sack, Part Two
黃飛鴻傳 (下集) The Story of Wong Fei-hung, Part Two
古屋行屍 The Wandering Dead
黃飛鴻傳 (上集) The Story of Wong Fei-hung, Part One
拷打紅娘 Beating the matchmaker
孤兒淚 Orphan's Tears
三娘汲水 Third Madame's Story
打雀遇鬼 Meeting a Ghost While Hunting
碧海恩仇 Love and Hate on the Sea
紫霞杯 The Purple-Misted Cup
烏龍王 King of Blunders
朱賣臣分妻 The Divorce of Chu Mai-Sen
紅孩兒大戰五龍公主 The Big Fight Between Red Kid and Five Dragon Princess
呂洞賓三戲白牡丹 Lui Tung-ban's Three Tricks on White Peony
辣手碎情花 To Kill the Love
卓文君夜訪相如 Cheuk Man-kwan's Night Visit to Seung-yu