The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
黃飛鴻三戲女鏢師 How Wong Fei-hung Thrice Tricked the Lady Security Escort
傻大姐 Funny Girl
失匙夾萬 The Scatterbrain
孝道 Filial Piety
牆 The Wall
黃飛鴻義救龍母廟 Wong Fei-hung Saved the Dragon's Mother Temple
傻大俠 The Clumsy Hero
狀元狀扁女狀元 The Smart Girl
黃飛鴻七鬥火麒麟 Wong Fei-hung's Seven Battles with Fiery Unicorn
苦海鴛鴦 The Miserable Lovers
黃飛鴻怒吞十二獅 How Wong Fei-Hung Vanquished the Twelve Lions
昭君出塞 Wang Zhaojun's Exile to the Barbarians
假鳳虛鸞 The Fake Marriage
疍家妹告皇帝 The Boat Girl Sues the King
蛋家妹告皇帝 The Boat Girl Sues the King
黃飛鴻伏二虎 How Wong Fei-hung Subdued the Two Tigers
桃花依舊笑春風 Love and Be Loved
乾隆皇大鬧萬花樓 Emperor Qianlong's Adventures in the Bower of a Million Flowers
黃飛鴻醒狷會麒麟 How Wong Fei-Hung Pitted a Lion Against the Unicorn
黃飛鴻醒獅會麒麟 How Wong Fei-hung Pitted a Lion Against the Unicorn
慈母頌 Mother Was Grand
趙飛燕 The Ftory of Chiu Fei-yin
多情燕子歸 Homeward the Swallow Flies
黃飛鴻鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 Wong Fei-hung's Story: Iron Cock Against Centipede
一片飛花 A Flower Petal in The Wind
莊周蝴蝶夢 Philosopher Zhangzhi's Butterfly Dream
生路 Way to Stay Alive
情僧偷到瀟湘館 The Romantic Monk
呂蒙正祭灶 Lu Mengzheng Prays to the Stove God
天之驕女 Pleasure Daughter
荊軻刺秦皇 King Oh Assassinates The King Of Qin
黃飛鴻龍舟奪錦 Wong Fei-hung Wins the Dragon Boat Race
雷振聲縱橫江湖錄 Lui Chen-sing's Many Adventures
黃飛鴻水底三擒蘇鼠廉 How Wong Fei-Hung Thrice Captured So Shu-Lim in the Water
鐵咀雞 A Fierce Debator
鐵嘴雞 Lady with a Silver and Bitter Tongue
烈女報夫仇 A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death
勾魂使者 The Fascinating Messenger
呂布搶貂蟬 Lui Bo Captures Diu Sim
寶蓮燈 (上集) The Precious Lotus Lamp, Part One
小白菜情困楊乃武 The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu
九九九命案 Dragnet
王昭君琵琶動漢皇 Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han
梅娘 Madam Mei
花落斷腸橋 Heartbreak Bridge
桂枝告狀 Kwai-Chi Sues
桂枝告狀 桂枝告狀 Kwai-Chi Sues
黃飛鴻沙面伏神犬 How Wong Fei-Hung Vanquished the Ferocious Dog in Shamian
神經大姐戇姑爺 The Idiotic Couple
黃飛鴻橫掃小北江 Wong Fei-hung's Victory in Xiao Beijiang