The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
我愛薄倖郎 I'm in Love with An Unfaithful Man
手足情深 Brothers
扭紋新抱惡家姑 A Nagging Wife Meets Her Fierce Mother-in-Law
斬龍遇仙 Meeting a Fairy While Slaying the Dragon
新婚夫婦 The Newlyweds
方世玉義救洪熙官 Fong Sai-yuk Comes to Hung Hei-kwun's Rescue
早知當初我唔嫁 Too Late for Divorce
星洲艷跡 Romance in Singapore
春燈羽扇 Feather fan under spring lantern
春風帶得歸來燕 The Swallows Return to Spring
昭君出塞 Wang Zhaojun's Exile to the Barbarians
月光 Moonlight
朱買臣衣錦榮歸 Chu Mai-sen's Grand Homecoming
朱門怨 The House of Sorrows
杜十娘怒沉百寶箱 Tenth Madam to Sinks her Treasure Chest in Anger
桂枝告狀 Kwai-Chi Sues
桂枝告狀 桂枝告狀 Kwai-Chi Sues
桃花依舊笑春風 Love and Be Loved
梁紅玉擊鼓退金兵 How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat
梅娘 Madam Mei
楊八妹招親 Attacked
橫紋刀劈扭紋柴 Mother-in-law
武松血濺獅子樓 Mo Chung's Bloody Fight on Lion's Tower
永春三娘與洪熙官 Third Madam Wing-chun and Hung Hei-kwun
滿堂吉慶 The Happy Hall
潘巧雲情挑石秀 Poon Hau-wan's Seduction of Sek Sau
火 Fire
烈女報夫仇 A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death
牆 The Wall
狀元狀扁女狀元 The Smart Girl
狂風暴雨吊寒梅 Mourn for the Storm-beaten Plum Flower
王昭君琵琶動漢皇 Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han
瓦鬼還魂 The Ghost of the Pot Comes to Life
生路 Way to Stay Alive
疍家妹告皇帝 The Boat Girl Sues the King
痲婆尋戇女 A Mad Woman Looks for Her Idiotic Daughter
癡兒女 Stubborn Lovers
發達之人 A Well-to-do
白鶴英雄傳 The White Crane Hero
百年好合 Lovers' Eternal Union
皇姑嫁何人 Suitors for the King's Sister
着錯舅爺鞋 The Unsuitable Brother-in-law
碧海浮屍 The Body of a Blackmailer
碧玉簪 The Green Jade Hairpin
碧血恩仇萬古情 The Feud
神經大姐戇姑爺 The Idiotic Couple
穆桂英三擒三縱楊宗保 How Mu Guiying Captured and Released Yang Zongbao Three Times
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
艷屍還魂記 A Beautiful Corpse Comes to Life
花落斷腸橋 Heartbreak Bridge