The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
小俠紅蝴蝶 (下集) Little Warrior Red Butterfly, Concluding Episode
彩菱艷 The Colourful Water Chestnut
子母橋 (上集) The Bridge, Part One
孤雛血淚 Sorrowful Orphans
子母橋 (下集) The Bridge, Part Two
風塵俠侶 A Pair of Heros
飄萍恨 (下集) The Affairs of Miss Ping, Part Two
九九九廿四小時奇案 Dial 999 for 24-hour Murder Case
黃飛鴻大破五虎陣 How Wong Fei-hung Smashed the Five Tigers
活骷髏浴血五仙觀 The Attack of the Five Fairies Monastery
鳳凰山龍虎鬥 Duel on the Phoenix Hill
一命救全家 One Who Saved All
血洒黑龍街 Duel in Black Dragon Street
義犬神童 The Prodigious Child and Her Loyal Dog
雷克探案之血手凶刀 The Valiant Brothers
電話情人 The Telephone Affair
侯門怨 An Aristocratic Affair
女飛俠紅姑 Crimson Girl
步步驚魂 Intense Moment
母子淚 Mother and Son
神拳鐵扇子 The Invincible Iron Fan
殺出重圍 The Breakthrough
黑吃黑 The Lock
女大不中留 The Marriageable Age
南北和 The Greatest Civil War on Earth
步步高陞 The Prince Incognito
芙蓉帳暖度春宵 Misunderstanding Disturbance
蛇頭苗 Miao Tribe
龍鳳嬉春 An Ideal Couple
小紅娘 The Little Go- Between
青春熱 Teenaged Beat
天賜福星 Lucky Child Granted by Heaven
富貴花開鳳凰臺 New Year's Greetings
兒女情深 Love's Obligation
婦唱喜夫隨 Attractive Songstress
百戰榮歸迎彩鳳 Return from Battle for His Love
天山龍鳳劍 (上集) The Swords of Tian Shan, Part One
十年割肉養金龍 Prince Tailone
戇姑爺 The Idiotic Son-in-law
銀紙萬歲 Long Live Money
鴛鴦刀 (上集) The Mandarin Swords, Part One
豪門孽債 The Sinner of Love
鴛鴦刀 (下集) The Mandarin Swords, Concluding Episode
拉車行大運 Rickshaw Puller and Orphan
情天未老 Forever Beloved
漢宮秋月 The Palace of the August Moon
雷克探案之血影驚魂 The Shadow
一張白紙告親夫 A Written Petition
七小福 The Seven Kids
歷劫親情 Forsaken Daughter