The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一劍九連環 A Sword and Nine Rings, Part One
一命救全家 One Who Saved All
一命難填九命冤 The Prosecution
一張白紙告親夫 A Written Petition
一文錢 Yat Bun Chin
一柱擎天雙虎將 Two Heroes
七小福 The Seven Kids
三合明珠寶劍 Two Swords and a Pearl
三宮六苑斬狐妃 Three Grand Palaces
三戰定江山 Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation
丹鳳屠龍劍 Killing Dragon Sword
九九九廿四小時奇案 Dial 999 for 24-hour Murder Case
五嶽英雄傳 Heroes of the Five Sacred Mountains
仙笛神龍 (上集) Ingenious Fluter, Part One
仙笛神龍 (下集) Ingenious Fluter, Concluding Episode
仙鶴神針 (上集) The Secret Book, Part One
仙鶴神針 (下集) The Secret Book, Part Two
侯門怨 An Aristocratic Affair
俠侶恩仇 Swordswoman's Vengeance
倩女情俠 (上集) Public-spirited Lovers, Part One
偷香血債 Crime of Passion
傻人發達記 Unexpected Fortune
傻俠勤王 A Fool's Luck
兒女作冰人 Little Matchmakers
兒女情深 Love's Obligation
八美審狀元 Eight Beauty
冤魂塔 Sorrowful Soul Pagoda
冰山逢怨侶 Love on the Mount
刁蠻女俠 (上集) Temperamental Amazon, Part One
刁蠻女俠 (下集) Temperamental Amazon, Concluding Episode
分期付款娶老婆 Instalment on Marriage
十三歲封王 Made Duke at Thirteen
十八追魂劍 Wonderful Handkerchief
十年一覺揚州夢 Ten Years Dream
十年割肉養金龍 Prince Tailone
十載含冤為我郎 Finally We Meet Again
南北和 The Greatest Civil War on Earth
南北姻緣 When The Poles Meet
古墓追魂劍 Green Dragon Sword
古廟幽魂 A Ghost in the Temple
可憐的媽媽 Poor Mother
唉, 郎錯了! But Darling How Wrong You Were
夜光杯 (上集) The Magic Cup, Part One
夜光杯 (下集) The Magic Cup, Concluding Episode
夜光杯 The Magic Cup, Part One
夜半幽靈 Ghost That Was Not
夜夜杜鵑啼 Song of the Nightingale
夜雨秋燈 Unexpected Reunion
天下第一劍 (上集) Sword of Vengeance, Part One
天下第一劍 (下集) Sword of Vengeance, Part Two