The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
黃衫客 The One in Yellow
萬眾歡騰 A Thunderous Ovation Burst Forth
四鳳求凰 Four Darling Daughters
郎如春日風 Her Tender Love
相思甜如蜜 My Sweet Heart
名劍天驕 Famous Swordsman Tin Kiu
餐搵餐食餐餐有 To Earn a Living
飛男飛女 Social Characters
獨臂神尼 The Single-Armed Holy Nun
玉面煞星 The Handsome Killer
銅皮鐵骨 The Invincible
君子劍 The Gentleman Sword
成家立室 Let's Build a Family
說謊的人 The Liar
黃飛鴻浴血硫磺谷 Wong Fei-hung in Sulphur Valley
江湖第一劍 The Supreme Sword
浪子 The Prodigal
峨嵋霸刀 Sword of Emei
失去母愛的人 A Child in Need of a Mother's Love
玉女劍 The Virgin Sword
三招了 Within Three Strikes
意亂情真 Cast Love
七彩姑娘十八一朵花 Girls Are Flowers
紅燈綠燈 Red Light, Green Light
玫瑰芍藥海棠紅 Singing Darlings
獨眼俠獨闖江湖 Return of the One-eyed Jack
七彩紅男綠女 Boys and Girls
銀刀血劍 Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade
媽媽要我嫁 The Happy Wedlock
神偷俠侶 The Magic Thief
黃飛鴻虎鶴鬥五狼 Wong Fei-hung's combat with the five wolves
神貓 The Magic Cat
秦劍先生舉殯特輯 The Funeral of Director Chun Kim
差利捉貓記 Charlie Catches the Cat
艷俠紅玫瑰 Red Rose, the Beautiful Avenger
血羅巾 Bloody Handkerchief
伏魔乾坤劍 The Devilish Swords
追求妙遇 Miracle in Chasing
入伙大吉 The Grand Removal
五嶽風雲 Heroic Tale of the Five Mountains
雙鎗沙膽標 The Brave Gun Fighter
鐵髮紅姑 A Mysterious Weapon
天賜橫財 A Big Fortune
得咗 Sun Ma Tsai Scores
大破誅仙陣 Shattering the Immortals' Array
龍膽 Where the Dragon Dares
雌雄妙賊 The Magnificent Dual
黃飛鴻神威伏三煞 Wong Fei-hung: The Conqueror of the 'Sam-hong Gang'
兇手尋兇 The Gorilla
多情高竇貓 The Pretty Wild Cat