The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
為郎頭斷也心甜 Eternal Love
無情寶劍有情天 The Revenge Battle
無敵女殺手 Dragnet of the Law
無敵楊家將 Female General Mrs Yeung
爭妍鬥麗 Pear Flower in the Storm
特務黑蜘蛛 Agent Black Spider
狐仙奇緣 The Strange Fox
獨眼俠 The One-eyed Jack
獨眼俠獨闖江湖 Return of the One-eyed Jack
獨臂神尼 The Single-Armed Holy Nun
玉女劍 The Virgin Sword
玉女驚魂 Sweet Girl in Terror
玉樓三鳳 Three Young Girls
玉面煞星 The Handsome Killer
玉面閻羅 (上集) The Bloody Devil, Part One
玉面閻羅 (下集) The Bloody Devil, Concluding Episode
玉龍太子出家 Asalea Tomb
玫瑰芍藥海棠紅 Singing Darlings
珠島情燄 Mad Fire Mad Love
瓊花仙子 The Fairy of Keng-fa
男男女女 Men and Women
白兔會 Fete of the White Hare
白天鵝 The White Swan
白猿太子陰陽崖會母 Prince White Ape
百鳥朝凰 The Courtship of the Queen
皇城救母定江山 The Wall
相思灣之戀 Everlasting Love
相思甜如蜜 My Sweet Heart
神偷俠侶 The Magic Thief
神偷姊妹花 My Mysterious Sisters
神勇坦克隊 The Brave Tanks
神燈 The Magic Lantern
神貓 The Magic Cat
神鞭俠 The Mystical Whip-Wielding Hero
神鶴金鷹 Stork and Eagle
秋雨春心 From Here to Eternity
第八才子花箋記 Poetic Genius
紅孩兒水晶宮救母 How Red Kid Rescued His Mother from the Crystal Palace
紅燈綠燈 Red Light, Green Light
紅燈記 The Red Lamp
紅色響尾蛇 The Powerful Spies
紅鸞星動 Incredible Rumour
紫色風雨夜 Purple Night
美男子潘安 The Brooch
美麗的三江 Beautiful Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shenjiang
艷俠紅玫瑰 Red Rose, the Beautiful Avenger
艷陽丹鳳 Radiant Phoenix
芙蓉仙子 Princess Hibiscus
花月佳期 Summer and Spring
英雄兒女 The Heroic Breed