The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
七公主 (上集) Seven Princesses, Part One
七兒八女九狀詞 Fifteen Children
七個胭脂虎 Seven Ferocious Women
七俠五義夜探沖宵樓 Seven Heroes Spy on Chongxiao Bower
七世姻緣 Romance Lasting Seven Lives
丁財兩旺 Plenty of Sons, Plenty of Wealth
一見鍾情 Love at First Sight
一見痴情 Love at First Sight
一生兒女債 Life Debt of Our Children
一片飛花 A Flower Petal in The Wind
一片冰心 The Virtuous
一步一驚心 Every Step of Alarm
一樓風雪夜歸人 Return on a Snowy Night
一樓十四伙 Pigeon Cage
一榜三狀元 Three Impersonators
一柱擎天雙虎將 Two Heroes
一枝紅艷露凝香 A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant
一本萬利 Business is Blooming
一曲鳳求凰 Song of Courtship
一曲難忘 An Unforgettable Song
一文錢 Yat Bun Chin
一把存忠劍 A Patriot's Sword
一彎眉月伴寒衾 Lonely Moon on a Lonely Bed
一張白紙告親夫 A Written Petition
一年一度燕歸來 The Swallows' Return
一帆風順 Sail on to Success
一屍五命案 One Murder, Five Deaths
一對胭脂馬 Two Naughty Girls
一對好冤家 Lover's Quarrels
一家親 All in a Family
一家春 Father Marries Again
一家八口一張床 A Family of Eight in One Bed
一家之主 Master of the Family
一夜恩情 Hidden Love
一夜九更天 The Long Night
一夕驚魂 A Night of Thrills
一命難填九命冤 The Prosecution
一命救全家 One Who Saved All
一命三兇手 The Three Murderers
一味靠滾 To Live by Trick
一后三王 One Queen and Three Kings
一劍震江湖 The Conquering Sword
一劍情 Romance of the Sword
一劍恩仇 The Cause of Gratitude and Enmity with a Sword
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
一劍九連環 A Sword and Nine Rings, Part One
一入侯門深似海 A Wife of Nobility is Never Free
一代梟雄 Hero of Our Time
一代名花 The Famous Beauty