The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
賣油郎獨佔花魁 The Oil Vendor Wins a Pretty Bride
賣油郎獨佔花魁女 The Oil Vendor Wins a Pretty Bride
賣當借 Selling, Pawning and Borrowing
賣肉救家姑 A Moral Hooker
賣肉養孤兒 Prostituting to Raise the Orphan
賣花女 Flower Girl
賣花得美 Romance of the Flower Peddler
賣花讚花香 Flowers for Sale
賣錯相思表錯情 Mistaken Responses
趙五娘千里尋夫 How Fifth Madam Chiu Went a Thousand Miles in Search of Her Husband
趙五娘萬里尋夫 How Fifth Madam Chiu Went Far and Wide in Search of Her Husband
趙匡胤醉斬鄭恩 The Drunken Emperor Slays His Minister
趙飛燕 The Ftory of Chiu Fei-yin
跨鳳乘龍 The Happy Wedding
路 Road
路邊千金 A Girl on the Roadside
車底驚魂 Trauma under the Car
軟皮蛇三鬥老虎乸 The Feud between Miss Easy-Does-It and the Fierce Shrew
辣手碎情花 To Kill the Love
辣手蛇心 The Evil Mind
迫虎跳牆 No More Retreat
迷姬 The Enchantress
迷宮四妖 Four Sirens
迷樓金粉 Lovely Dweller of Enchanting Tower
追兇記 To Catch a Murderer
追妻記 How to Get a Wife
追婚記 Reluctant Wedding
追求妙遇 Miracle in Chasing
追蹤 Track of a Chase
追魂太極鏢 A Sword and Nine Rings, Part Two
追魂白骨刀 The Murderous White-boned Blade
通天師父 Master of All
通天曉 Jack-of-All-Trades
通心樹 Price & passion
通緝令 Order for Arrest
連理枝 Her Generosity
連環相思 The Love Chain
連環謀殺案 Chain Murder
逼上梁山 The Farmer's Son
遊龍戲鳳 The Emperor Teases the Beautiful Waitress Ah Feng
遺產一百萬 Legacy
遺腹子 (上集) A Posthumous Child, Part One
遺腹子 (下集) A Posthumous Child, Part Two
還君一點相思淚 Tears for an Absent Love
還君明珠雙淚垂 I Cannot Love You
還我山河還我妻 Give Me Back My Country and My Wife
還我河山 Re-Conquer the Fatherland
還珠淚 I Cannot Love You
那個少女不多情 Youthful Romance