The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍宮仙子 A Fairy from the Dragon Palace
魔宮妖后 Queen of the Devil's Palace
飛天神龍 Dragon Rising
風流貴婦 The Amorous Lady
顛鸞倒鳳 Man or Women?
關東小俠大破蓮花陣 How the Young Northeast Hero Shattered the Lotus Militia
關東小俠大戰女鏢師 The Battle between a Young Northeast Hero and the Lady Escort
閻瑞生 The Story of Yim Shui-sang
鐵拐李北海斬妖龍 How the Immortal Cripple Lee Slew the Dragon in the North Sea
鐵扇公主 Iron Fan Princess
錦上添花 The Best of Everything
金玉滿堂 A Hall Packed with Riches
野花香 Wild Flowers are Sweeter
遊龍戲鳳 The Emperor Teases the Beautiful Waitress Ah Feng
連環相思 The Love Chain
賣錯相思表錯情 Mistaken Responses
賣花讚花香 Flowers for Sale
賊美人 The Beautiful Thief
貼錯門神 At Odds with Each Other
蛇王 The Great Idler
虎穴雙珠 Two Kidnapped Beauties
薛剛大鬧花燈 Sit Kong's Adventure in the Lantern Festival
薄命女兒香 Sweet Girl, Ill Fate
萬花錦繡 Like the Splendour of a Myriad Blooms
萬綠叢中一點紅 The Outstanding One
苦命女巧遇有情郎 A Pitiable Girl Saved by Love
花街慈母 How the Young Northeast Hero Shattered the Lotus Militia
義勇雙雄 Two Courageous Heroes
缸瓦船打老虎 The Last Blow
終須有日龍穿鳳 Someday I Will Make It
糊塗脂粉客 The Clumsy Lover
笑星降地球 A Comet of Laughter Lands on Earth
真假新郎 The groom and his double
真假夫妻 The Real and Fake Couple
皆大歡喜 Everybody's Happy
珠聯璧合 Perfect Together
火樹銀花 Fiery Trees and Silver Flowers
濟公活佛 Chai Kung, the Reincarnated Buddha
濟公三氣華雲龍 How the Monk Chai Kung Thrice Insulted Wah Wan- lung
淘金記 The Gold Hunt
武松大鬧獅子樓 Wu Song's Adventure of the Lion Pavilion
歌聲淚影 (下集) A Melancholy Melody, Part Two
歌唱海棠紅 Musical Hoi Tong Hung
樊籠彩鳳 The Tangled Phoenix
楚雲雪夜盜檀郎 Lucky Husband
梵宮情淚 Love Tears of a Buddhist Recluse
柳姐與沙塵超 Miss Lau and the Arrogant Chiu
有情飲水飽 Nothing Counts But Love