The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
月宮寶燈 The Precious Lamp in the Moon Palace
有冤無路訴 Dead End Case
柳姐與沙塵超 Miss Lau and the Arrogant Chiu
樊籠彩鳳 The Tangled Phoenix
洞房移作兩家春 Honeymoon for Two
洞房花燭夜 The Wedding Night
淘金記 The Gold Hunt
濟公三氣華雲龍 How the Monk Chai Kung Thrice Insulted Wah Wan- lung
狸貓換太子包公夜審郭槐 Judge Bao VS the Eunuch
生無可戀甘為鬼 Death is Welcome When Life is Dreary
神燈 The Magic Lantern
紅俠 Scarlet Heroine
紅白杜鵑花 Red and White Azaleas
紅蝴蝶大戰採花賊 Between the Suited and the Suitor
紅衣女俠 Heroine in Red
終須有日龍穿鳳 Someday I Will Make It
綠林粉紅 The Beautiful Bandit
綠林紅粉 The Beautiful Bandit
缸瓦船打老虎 The Last Blow
羅宮春色 Romance of Rome Palace
群雄威震龍鳳山 The Kung Fu Gathering at Longfeng Mountain
義勇雙雄 Two Courageous Heroes
腸斷十八年 Eighteen Years of Woe
腸斷跳樓人 The Desperate Man's Jump to Death
花開蝶滿枝 Blooms and Butterflies
萬綠叢中一點紅 The Outstanding One
蕩婦貞魂 The Virtuous Soul of a Lascivious Woman
蛇王 The Great Idler
蜀山劍俠 Swordsman of Shu Mountain
觀音兵 The Young Lady's Escort Army
豬八戒招親 Pigsy Takes a Wife
賊美人 The Beautiful Thief
賣油郎獨佔花魁 The Oil Vendor Wins a Pretty Bride
賣油郎獨佔花魁女 The Oil Vendor Wins a Pretty Bride
賣錯相思表錯情 Mistaken Responses
迫虎跳牆 No More Retreat
遊龍戲鳳 The Emperor Teases the Beautiful Waitress Ah Feng
酒樓戲鳳 Frolicking with a Pretty Maid in the Wineshop
金玉奴棒打薄情郎 Kam Yuk-lo Spanks Her Faithless Lover
金葉菊 (上集) The Golden-Leaf Chrysanthemum, Part One
銀河飛馬 Stallion on the Milky Way
銅鎚俠大戰九花娘 (上集) The Big Fight between Hero Copper Hammer and Madam Nine Flowers, Part One
銅鎚俠大戰九花娘 (下集) The Big Fight between Hero Copper Hammer and Madam Nine Flowers, Part Two
鐵扇公主 Iron Fan Princess
雌虎大破清真寺 The Heroine's Conquest of the Mosque
雌雄雙俠 The Chivalrous Pair
雙飛蝴蝶夢 Butterfly Dream
青罄紅魚非淚影 Keep Praying to Buddha, but No More Tears
願郎重吻妾朱唇 Kiss me again Don't waste your youth
風塵四傑 Four Heroes