The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳花燭 Wedding Candles
龍飛鳳舞 Dragon and Phoenix Revelry
龍舟祥 Cheung, The Dragon Boatman
龍宮戇駙馬 Dragon King's Idiot Son-in-Law
鬼妻 The Ghostly Wife
風流天子與多情孟麗君 The Playboy Emperor and the Dedicated Meng Lijun
陳宮罵曹 How Chan Kung Reprimanded Cho
鍾無艷掛帥征西 How Chung Mo-yim Conquered the West
錢作怪 Money Is the Root of All Evil
賣肉養孤兒 Prostituting to Raise the Orphan
賣當借 Selling, Pawning and Borrowing
賣怪魚龜山起禍 Bad-luck for the Fishmonger at Tortoise Hill
詐癲納福 Sweet Time Together
血染楚王宮 Bloodshed in the Cho Palace
蔡中興建洛陽橋 Building the Luoyang Bridge
菱花夢 A Broken Dream
莊周蝴蝶夢 Philosopher Zhangzhi's Butterfly Dream
荒唐鏡扭死官 How Fang Tangjing Exasperated the Government Official
荒唐鏡五鬥陳夢吉 The Feuds Between Fang Tanfgjing and Chen Mengji
荒唐鏡三氣胭脂馬 How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl
荊軻刺秦皇 King Oh Assassinates The King Of Qin
花好月圓 Love's Bliss
芙蓉恨 Sad Tale of the Lotus Flower
艷滴海棠紅 Beautiful Begonia
臥薪嘗膽 A King's Revenge
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
羅通掃北 Luo Tong Conquers the North
缸瓦船打老虎 The Last Blow
終歸有日龍穿鳳 Chances for Great Success
紅伶紅星私生活特輯 Private Lives of Opera and Movie Stars
穆桂英楊宗保大破天門陣 How Mu Guiying And Yang Zongbao Defeated The Heavenly Gate Militia
穆桂英三擒三縱楊宗保 How Mu Guiying Captured and Released Yang Zongbao Three Times
程咬金封王 Cheng Yaojin Crowned the King
神經伯爵 The Idiot Earl
碧玉簪 The Green Jade Hairpin
百萬軍中藏阿斗 A-dou in the Army
疍家妹告皇帝 The Boat Girl Sues the King
瓦崗寨 The Brick Stockade
王昭君琵琶動漢皇 Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han
王妃入楚軍 The Princess Joins the Chu Army
猛鬼橋 Haunted Bridge
狄青三取珍珠旗 How Tik Ching Thrice Seized The Pearl Flag
烽火戲諸侯 Tricking the Lords with Beacon Fires
濟公鬥八仙 Ji Gong and the Eight Immortals
清歌妙舞樂昇平 Music of Peace and Joy
歌唱海棠紅 Musical Hoi Tong Hung
歌唱新美人計 Musical Beauty Plot
林黛玉魂歸離恨天 The Tragic Death of Lam Doi-yuk