The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一夜九更天 The Long Night
一榜三狀元 Three Impersonators
七世姻緣 Romance Lasting Seven Lives
九子登科十狀元 The Many Scholars
乞兒太子 The Pauper-Prince
乞兒狀元 The Poor Scholar
乾隆皇大鬧萬花樓 Emperor Qianlong's Adventures in the Bower of a Million Flowers
仙樂飄飄處處聞 Sound of Music
仙童玉女 The Ideal Marriage
代代平安 Peace to All Generations
任護花歌唱特輯 Musical Extravaganza by Yam Wu-fa
傻人艷福 Girls Favour Fools
傻大俠 The Clumsy Hero
光緒皇嘆五更 Emperor Kwong Sui's Nocturnal Lament
兩個傻英雄 Two Foolish Heroes
刁蠻郡主戲玉郎 The Unruly Princess and Her Lover
刮龍世界 Take What You Can
十二金釵戲狀元 (紅伶歌唱大聚會) Twelve Beauties' Tricks on the Scholar
地底迷宮 Underground Maze
夜弔秋喜 Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Chau-hei
大成七彩片大集會 Grand Parade
大明忠烈傳 Martyrs of Ming
大鬧三門街 The Sanmen Street Brawl
太太有喜 An Expectant Mother
夫妻和順欖 Peace to Man and Wife
夫妻和順玩 Peace to Man and Wife
孔明三氣周瑜 How Zhou Yu was Thrice Defeated by Kong Ming
孟麗君與風流天子 Meng Lijun and the Amorous King
客途秋恨 A Sorrowful Journey in Autumn
寶玉憶晴雯 Bo-yuk in Memorial of Ching-man
封神榜 The Idiot Earl
山東響馬 Bandits of Shandong Province
得運一條龍 Luck's on My Side
從心所欲 When Wishes Come True
怪俠一枝梅 The Strange Hero Yi Zhimei
戲王之王 Master Among the Very Best Actors
打劫陰司路 Hold-Up on the Road To Hell
拉車被辱 The Humiliated Rickshaw-Puller
搏命世界 A Tough World
撲水世界 Take the Money and Run
攝青鬼 A Ghostly Tale
新姑嫂劫 Sisters-in-law in Danger
新姑緣嫂劫 New Tragic Sisters-in-Law
新馬仔瓜棚遇鬼 The Ghost by the Melon-Store
明日又天涯 Unpredictable Tomorrow
春風得意鳳求凰 A Scholar's Love Song
林黛玉魂歸離恨天 The Tragic Death of Lam Doi-yuk