The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
七彩梁天來 The Story of Leung Tin-loi (Colour)
三入閻王殿 She Goes to Hell Thrice
九九大血案 The Murder Case at Club 99
乾隆皇遊江南 Emperor Qianlong's Tour of Jiangnan
亂世紅伶 An Actress in War
人倫 A Sketch of Humanity
人心博人心 Kindness for Kindness
假鳳凰 She's not the Real Lady
傻人捉賊 The Simpleton and the Thief
光緒皇傳 The Story of Emperor Guangxu
入鄉隨俗 Follow the Custom
冷戰夫妻 A Couple in Cold War
出嫁從夫 Follow the Husband
初歸新抱 Right to Love
十八追魂劍 Wonderful Handkerchief
千金小姐 The Rich Young Lady
同遮唔同柄 Not All Umbrellas Have the Same Handle
多情孟麗君 The Amorous Mang Lai-kwun
夜祭雷峰塔 Nocturnal Sacrifice at Lui Fung Tower
大俠柳樹春 Lau Shu-chun, the Famous Hero
大良阿斗官 Master Ah Dau, a Native of Tai Leung
天下婦人心 A Woman's Heart
天河配 The Lovers on the Milky Way
失踪少女 The Lost Girl
奇俠雌雄劍 (上集) Strange Hero of the Dual Swords, Part One
奇俠雌雄劍 (下集) Strange Hero of the Dual Swords, Part Two
女俠黃鶯擒兇記 How Wong Ang the Heroine Caught the Murderer
女扒手 A Lady Pickpocket
姑嫂墳 Tomb for Sisters-in-law
婚姻大事 Troubles In Marriage
婦唱喜夫隨 Attractive Songstress
嫁壞老公生壞仔 I Married the Wrong Husband, I Bore the Wrong Son
孔明三氣周瑜 How Zhou Yu was Thrice Defeated by Kong Ming
孝女還珠記 How the Filial Daughter Returned the Pearl
孝道 Filial Piety
孤星血淚 An Orphan's Tragedy
富貴榮華第一家 The Double Wedding by Royal Command
寶劍定五龍 A Sword Against Five Dargons
寶劍群英會 The Meeting of the Swordsmen
寶劍金釵 The Precious Sword and the Gold Hairpin
小偷捉賊記 To Catch a Thief
小白菜情困楊乃武 The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu
山東響馬 Bandits of Shandong Province
峨嵋女俠 A Heroine from Mount Emei
峨嵋飛劍俠 (上集) The Flying Sword Hero from Mount Emei, Part One
峨嵋飛劍俠 (下集) The Flying Sword Hero from Mount Emei, Part Two
左崧傳 The Life of Zuo Song
差利遊地獄 Charlie's Visit to Hell
從心所欲 When Wishes Come True