The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
好女十八嫁 Eighteen Marriages of A Smart Girl
山水有相逢 We'll Meet Again
錦繡人生 This Wonderful Life
黃飛鴻初試無影腳 Wong Fei-hung Tries His Shadowless Kick
善惡到頭終有報 Good and Evil Have Their Own Rewards
大觀園 Grand View Garden
夜祭金嬌 Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Kam-kiu
自梳女 The Bachelor Girl
繅絲女 Silk Factory Girl
孤星血淚 An Orphan's Tragedy
蕭月白正傳 (上集) The True Story of Siu Yuet-pak, Part One
蕭月白正傳 (下集) The True Story of Siu Yuet-pak, Part Two
花女懷春 The Flower-Girl in Love
賣怪魚龜山起禍 Bad-luck for the Fishmonger at Tortoise Hill
鴛鴦譜 The Matchmaker
黃飛鴻長堤殲霸 How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully on Long Dike
蜜月 Honeymoon
滿堂吉慶 The Happy Hall
傻大姐 Funny Girl
桃花依舊笑春風 Love and Be Loved
乾隆皇大鬧萬花樓 Emperor Qianlong's Adventures in the Bower of a Million Flowers
呂蒙正祭灶 Lu Mengzheng Prays to the Stove God
花落斷腸橋 Heartbreak Bridge
荒唐鏡三氣胭脂馬 How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl
早知當初我唔嫁 Too Late for Divorce
陳宮罵曹 How Chan Kung Reprimanded Cho
七氣蘇秦 The Seven Humiliations of Su Qin
黃飛鴻河南浴血戰 Wong Fei-hung's Fight in He'nan
十三妹大鬧能仁寺 How Miss Thirteenth Raided Nengren Monastery
黃飛鴻血濺姑婆屋 How Wong Fei-Hung Fought a Bloody Battle in the Spinster's Home
羅通掃北 Luo Tong Conquers the North
樊梨花金光陣產子 Fan Lihua Bears a Son in the Golden-Light Militia
天河配 The Lovers on the Milky Way
一夜九更天 The Long Night
風流天子與多情孟麗君 The Playboy Emperor and the Dedicated Meng Lijun
情賊 The Heart-stealer
青山依舊夕陽紅 Family Doctrine, Part Two
特務黑蜘蛛 Agent Black Spider
冤魂鏡 Mirror of Revenge
金指環 The Golden Ring
青青河邊草 Grass is the Grass
碧眼魔女 The Green-Eyed Lady
旺財嫂 Good Wife
玉女添丁 The Pregnant Maiden
飛賊白菊花 Flying Thief White Flower
飛女正傳 Teddy Girls
龍膽 Where the Dragon Dares
艷俠紅玫瑰 Red Rose, the Beautiful Avenger
差利捉貓記 Charlie Catches the Cat
銅皮鐵骨 The Invincible