The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
宋江怒殺閻婆惜 How Sung Kong Slew Yim Po-sik
恩重情深 Debt of Love
呆佬拜壽 The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party
鬼妻 The Ghostly Wife
人結人緣 It's Fun Getting Together
患難夫妻 Troublous Wives and Husband
情韻動芳心 Love Songs to Touch the Heart
郎心如鐵 The Lover with a Heart of Steel
歷盡艱辛一婦人 Her Difficult Life
真假白金龍 White Gold Dragon and His Impersonator
梁寬與林世榮 Leung Foon and Lam Sai-wing
一枝紅艷露凝香 A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant
黃飛鴻花地搶炮 Huang Feihong's Rival for the Fireworks
黃飛鴻擂台比武 Wong Fei-hung at a Boxing Match
假鳳凰 She's not the Real Lady
黃飛鴻七獅會金龍 How Wong Fei-hung Pitted Seven Lions against the Gold Dragon
黃飛鴻三戲女鏢師 How Wong Fei-hung Thrice Tricked the Lady Security Escort
黃飛鴻怒吞十二獅 How Wong Fei-Hung Vanquished the Twelve Lions
黃飛鴻醒狷會麒麟 How Wong Fei-Hung Pitted a Lion Against the Unicorn
黃飛鴻醒獅會麒麟 How Wong Fei-hung Pitted a Lion Against the Unicorn
黃飛鴻紅船殲霸 How Wong Fei-Hung Vanquished the Bully at the Red Opera Float
黃飛鴻天后廟進香 Wong Fei-Hung's Pilgrimage to Goddess of the Sea Temple
荒唐鏡三氣胭脂馬 How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl
黃飛鴻古寺救情僧 How Wong Fei-hung Saved the Lovelorn Monk from the Ancient Monastery
杜十娘怒沉百寶箱 Tenth Madam to Sinks her Treasure Chest in Anger
早知當初我唔嫁 Too Late for Divorce
富貴花開艷陽紅 Best Fortune
牡丹花發狀元紅 Happy Reunion
胭脂馬三鬥黃飛鴻 Wong Fei-Hung's Three Battles with the Unruly Girl
狐仙奇緣 The Strange Fox
黃飛鴻大破飛刀黨 How Wong Fei-Hung Smashed the Flying Dagger Gang
黃飛鴻血濺姑婆屋 How Wong Fei-Hung Fought a Bloody Battle in the Spinster's Home
打劫陰司路 Hold-Up on the Road To Hell
黃飛鴻龍爭虎鬥 Wong Fei-Hung's Fierce Battle
黃飛鴻大破金鐘罩 How Wong Fei-hung Subdued the Invincible Armour
龍飛鳳舞 Dragon and Phoenix Revelry
千金小姐 The Rich Young Lady
黃飛鴻西關搶新娘 Wong Fei-Hung Seizes the Bride at Xiguan
陳村種三跪水觀音 Chan and Goddess
玉女驚魂 Sweet Girl in Terror
封神榜 The Idiot Earl
神經伯爵 The Idiot Earl
鬼馬福星 Lucky Ones Up to Mischief
碧血劍 (下集) Sword of Blood and Valour, Part Two
白髮蘇娘懷石胎 White-haired Madam So Is Pregnant
毒丈夫 The Cruel Husband
戰國佳人 A Beauty in Times of War
哪吒蛇山救母 How Nazha Rescued his Mother from the Snake Mountain
淚娉婷 (上集) Beauty in Tears, Part One
傻人捉賊 The Simpleton and the Thief