The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
小五義夜探沖霄樓 The Five Swordsmen's Nocturnal Tryst
小俠艾虎 The Junior Hero Ngai Fu
小姐的丈夫 Lady's Husband
小青吊影 The Shadow of Siu-ching
差利沖破天仙陣 Charlie's Escape from the Angels' Trap
差利遊地獄 Charlie's Visit to Hell
御貓大戰錦毛鼠 The Fight Between the Honourable Cat and Rat
患難夫妻 Troublous Wives and Husband
意中人 Darling
慈母千秋 Tears of Mother
我愛薄情郎 Devoted to the Unfaithful
我為情 Sworn to Love
戲迷姑爺 Stage-Fan Husband
掃把精 The Broom Spirit
方世玉千里送艷娘 How Fong Sai-yuk Escorted Yim- neung on a 1, 000 Mile Journey
方世玉與苗翠花 Fong Sai-yuk and Miu Chui-fa
明日又天涯 Unpredictable Tomorrow
明星夢 I Want to be Famous
春殘燕未歸 No Sign of the Swallow's Return
月下琴挑淑婦魂 The Lutanist's Seduction Under the Moon
月媚花嬌 Charming Night
有情飲水飽 Nothing Counts But Love
有車階級 The Car Owner
本地狀元 Local Scandal
朱賣臣分妻 The Divorce of Chu Mai-Sen
朱門紅淚 The Sad Tale of a Wife in a Rich Household
柳姐與沙塵超 Miss Lau and the Arrogant Chiu
梵宮情淚 Love Tears of a Buddhist Recluse
歡喜夫妻 Home Sweet Home
武松大鬧獅子樓 Wu Song's Adventure of the Lion Pavilion
武松血濺鴛鴦樓 Mo Tsung's Blood Fight at Double Pavilion
沙三少與銀姐 Third-Master Sha and the Lady Yin
流氓世界 World of Villains
淘金記 The Gold Hunt
濟公活佛 Chai Kung, the Reincarnated Buddha
為情顛倒 Lovesick
烏龍夫妻 The Blundering Couple
王先生招親 Mr. Wong Advertises for a Wife
王先生與肥陳 Mr. Wang and Fatty Chen
王先生騎正胭脂馬 Mr. Wong's Adventures with the Unruly Girl
真假千金 The Rich Girl And Her Double
真假新郎 The groom and his double
石秀大鬧翠屏山 Sek Sau Causses Uproar in Chuiping Mountain
碧玉簪 The Green Jade Hairpin
穆桂英 The Woman General, Muk Kwai-ying
紅顏未老恩先斷 Separated Too Soon
缸瓦船打老虎 The Last Blow
羅宮春色 Romance of Rome Palace
老婆皇帝 Wife Emperor