The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
一枝紅艷露凝香 A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant
七公主 (上集) Seven Princesses, Part One
不夜天 Never Ending Night
五鼠鬧東京 The Five Rats' Adventures in the Eastern Capital
人倫 A Sketch of Humanity
人海萬花筒 Kaleidoscope
人結人緣 It's Fun Getting Together
假鳳凰 She's not the Real Lady
傻人艷福 Girls Favour Fools
傻大姐捉賊 Crazy Girl Catches A Thief
兒女私情 Intimate Love
兩個傻英雄 Two Foolish Heroes
冷落斷腸花 Sorrows of a Neglected Wife
勇特務犬戰神秘黨 The Secret Agent and the Mysterious Gang
南北喜相逢 The Greatest Love Affair on Earth
危險十七歲 Dangerous Seventeen
呆佬嫁女 The Marriage of the Fool's Daughter
哪吒三戲六耳猴 How Nazha Thrice Tricked the Six- Eared Monkey
善惡到頭終有報 Good and Evil Have Their Own Rewards
多情自古空餘恨 Love's Sad Ending
夜渡鴛鴦江 Crossing Yuanyang River by Night
大俠柳樹春 Lau Shu-chun, the Famous Hero
大冬瓜 The Giant Gourd
天倫 (下集) My Husband, Concluding Episode
天官賜福 A Gift of Happiness
夫妻和順玩 Peace to Man and Wife
失匙夾萬 The Scatterbrain
失踪少女 The Lost Girl
奪魄橫財 Root of Evils
女俠一仗紅 The Courageous Heroine
女大不中留 The Marriageable Age
女白金龍 Female Pak Kam-lung
女金剛大戰獨眼龍 The Iron Lady Against the One-eyed Dragon
好冤家 Dear Llove
客串夫人 The Temporary Wife
家 Family
射鵰英雄傳 Story of the Vulture Conqueror
小偷捉賊記 To Catch a Thief
小歌女 Little Songstress
峨嵋鴛鴦劍 Two Swordsmen from Mount Emei
崑崙女俠夜探摩天嶺 The Heroine from Kunlun Spies on Mo Tin Peak at Night
廣東十虎屠龍記 How Ten Heroes of Guangdong Slew the Dragon
往事知多少 The Lady in Black
恩重情深 Debt of Love
慈母千秋 Tears of Mother
我為情 Sworn to Love
扭紋柴 They Love to Argue
新荒江奇俠 Hero of the Deserted River
新薛丁山三氣樊梨花 New Sit Ting-shan Thrice Tricks Fan Lei-fa