The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
大雷雨 The Storm
天賜良緣 Romance from Heaven
儂本多情 My Love for You is True
何處是儂家 Where is the Lady's Home ?
金粉世家 (上、下集) The Powdered World, Two Parts
四大天王 The Four Kings of Heaven
青衫紅淚 A Poor Lover's Tears
慈母殺嬌兒 A Good Mother Kills Her Son
義勇雙雄 Two Courageous Heroes
肉山藏妲己 Tan Kei in the Meat Hill
大鬧廣昌隆 Ruckus at Kwong Cheong Lung
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
守得雲開見月明 It Will Pay Off
不如歸 You Better Return
小俠艾虎 The Junior Hero Ngai Fu
梁天來 Leung Tin-loi, The Loser
啞老婆 The Dumb Wife
武則天 The Empress Wu
黑妖婦 The Devil Woman in Black
楊八妹取金刀 The Eighth Yeung Sister Seeks Golden Knife
大鬧梅知府 Outcry in Governor Mui's Office
客途秋恨 A Sorrowful Journey in Autumn
金絲蝴蝶 The Gold-Braided Butterfly
樊梨花 The Story of Fan Lei-fa
七劍十三俠 (三集) Thirteen Heroes with Seven Swords, Part Three
情僧 Monk in Love
豹子頭林沖 Lam Chung, the Panther-Head Hero
金玉奴棒打薄情郎 Kam Yuk-lo Spanks Her Faithless Lover
白蟒佔龍宮 A White Python Usurps the Dragon's Palace
妻多夫賤 Too Many Wives Ruin the Husband
俠盜情花 The Girl and the Chivalrous Bandit
奇俠雌雄劍 (上集) Strange Hero of the Dual Swords, Part One
龍虎渡姜公 Magic of Tiger Dragon
火燒紅蓮寺 Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery
人海萬花筒 Kaleidoscope
大刀王五血戰小霸王 The Bloody Fight between Big Blade Wong Fifth and the Invincible Kid
年晚錢 The End of the Year Means Money
江湖姊妹花 Two Roaming Sisters
人之初 Infancy
情困武潘安 The Valiant Poon On Perplexed by Love
艷魔 The Dazzling Devil
缸瓦船打老虎 The Last Blow
明星夢 I Want to be Famous
第二夫人 Second Lady
從此蕭郎陌路人 From Now on We are Strangers
朱門紅淚 The Sad Tale of a Wife in a Rich Household
大良阿斗官 Master Ah Dau, a Native of Tai Leung
女少爺 Young Master is a Girl
如意吉祥 A Prayer for Happiness
一彎眉月伴寒衾 Lonely Moon on a Lonely Bed