The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
孫悟空大鬧香港 Monkey in Hong Kong
學生王子 The Student Prince
守得雲開見月明 It Will Pay Off
客途秋恨 A Sorrowful Journey in Autumn
小俠艾虎 The Junior Hero Ngai Fu
差利捉貓記 Charlie Catches the Cat
年晚錢 The End of the Year Means Money
後備新娘 A Reserve Bride
從此蕭郎陌路人 From Now on We are Strangers
怪俠三氣胭脂虎 The Mysterious Saint
恩情 (上集) Affectionate Affairs, Part One
情僧 Monk in Love
情困武潘安 The Valiant Poon On Perplexed by Love
情韻動芳心 Love Songs to Touch the Heart
愛 (下集) Love, the Sequel
慈母殺嬌兒 A Good Mother Kills Her Son
戲迷情人 Opera Fans' Sweetheart
摩登女郎 A Modern Wife
明星夢 I Want to be Famous
春怨 Spring Obsession
書劍幽魂 Romance of a Beautiful Ghost
有心唔怕遲 Never Too Late
朱門紅淚 The Sad Tale of a Wife in a Rich Household
梁天來 Leung Tin-loi, The Loser
楊八妹取金刀 The Eighth Yeung Sister Seeks Golden Knife
樊梨花 The Story of Fan Lei-fa
歌唱泣荊花 Musical Story of the Wronged Wife
武則天 The Empress Wu
江湖姊妹花 Two Roaming Sisters
江湖第一劍 The Supreme Sword
添丁發財 A Happy Matrimony
湖山盟 The Scholar and the Woman Ghost
火燒紅蓮寺 Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery
玉女相思 The Faithful Lovers
白蟒佔龍宮 A White Python Usurps the Dragon's Palace
矇查查發達 Unexpected Riches
神探智破美人計 Beauty's Trap
第二夫人 Second Lady
糊塗金龜婿 Non-sensical Son-in-law
缸瓦船打老虎 The Last Blow
義勇雙雄 Two Courageous Heroes
肉山藏妲己 Tan Kei in the Meat Hill
艷魔 The Dazzling Devil
花月爭輝 Radiant Love
花樣的年華 Spring Love
花花世界 This Merry World
荒唐四怪俠 (下集) Four Crazy Heroes, Part Two
薄命紅顏 The Beautiful but Poor Girl
藍色酒店 Hotel Lavender
蠶虫師爺 Wise Guy