The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
探花夫婿狀元妻 The Female Champion
夫憑妻貴 The Wife's Husband
富貴榮華第一家 The Double Wedding by Royal Command
秋香怨 (上集) Grudge of Maidservant, Part One
連環謀殺案 Chain Murder
孝順仔尋寶遇仙 Filial Son's Treasure-hunt
苦海明珠 Pearl in a Bitter Sea
難分骨肉情 Blood is Thicker Than Water
好女嫁得有情郎 A Loving Husband for My Lovely Daughter
恩重如山 A Gratitude As Weighty As The Mountain
仗義還妻 (下集) A False Marriage, Concluding Episode
小偷捉賊記 To Catch a Thief
客串夫妻 The Pretended Couple
乾隆皇大鬧杏花樓 The Adventures of Emperor Qianlong
灕江河畔血海仇 (上集) Near the Li River, Part One
灕江河畔血海仇 (下集) The Big Revenge, Part Two
血洗蝴蝶鏢 Butterfly Dart
玉龍太子出家 Asalea Tomb
苦命鴛鴦 Bitter Romance
血滴龍鳳杯 Parenthood
苦海一賢婦 (下集) A Woman's Sad Song, Part Two
南龍北鳳 The Dragon and the Phoenix
滴滴慈母淚 A Mother's Tears
飛劍神龍 The Flying Sword
幸福新娘 The Happy Bride
冷秋薇 (下集) A Girl Named Leng Chau-mei, Concluding Episode
霹靂金較剪 (上集) The Golden Scissors, Part One
霹靂金較剪 (下集) The Golden Scissors, Part Two
恨海情花 Of Love and Hate
隱形福星 The Invisible Lucky Star
蘭閨淚影 Shadow of Tear
鬼馬家姐 Fortune Hunter
孝子賢孫 Filial Sons and Grandchildren
香港一婦人 A Hong Kong Woman
情至義盡 The Past Love
痴男怨女 The Beloved Couple
追蹤 Track of a Chase
瘋婦 The Mad Woman
小姐的丈夫 Lady's Husband
神槍小霸王 The Powerful Gunman and the Super Kid
麗娘尋夫記 Looking for Her Husband
愛情永遠在懷念中 Sweetness of Love
黑玫瑰 Black Rose
火鳳狂龍 The Restoration of Kingdom Qi
春怨 Spring Obsession
鬼谷神珠 Pearl of the Devil Valley
紫電神風劍 Twin Swords
拉車少爺 The Rickshaw Puller
荒江三女俠 Three Heroines
血染蝴蝶山 The Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain