The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
紅粉飄零 Pretty Girl Homeless
紅白杜鵑花 Red and White Azaleas
紅孩兒 The Red Kid
糊塗太太 A Blundering Wife
秘密文件303 Secret Document: 303
秘密情人 Secret Love
神鵰俠侶 (三集) The Story of the Great Heroes, Part Three
神童捉賊記 The Prodigy Who Caught the Thief
痴心結 (下集) The Foolish Heart, Part Two
痴心結 (上集) This Foolish Heart, Part One
琵琶怨 The Sorrowful Lute
玉女追蹤 The Chase
獨立橋之戀 The Merdeka Bridge
烏龍王飛來艷福 Much Ado About Nothing
火燒阿房宮 Palace Efang On Fire
火燒平陽城 Burning of Pingyang City
火樹銀花相映紅 Bright Night
漢宮英烈傳 Poisoned Roses
海棠花濺淚 The Crabapple Blossom's Tears
毒天使 The Venomous Angel
母親 Mother
殺妻案 Over My Dead Body
殺出重圍 The Breakthrough
殺人者死 Death to the Killer
殺人王大戰扭計深 The Man Killer Against the Tricky Man
武則天 The Empress Wu
楊八妹取金刀 The Eighth Yeung Sister Seeks Golden Knife
棄婦 (上集) The Outcast Woman, Part One
柳葉刀 The Willow Knife
杜十娘怒沉百寶箱 Tenth Madam to Sinks her Treasure Chest in Anger
暴雨情花 Flower in the Tempest
晨妻暮嫂 Wife in the Morning, Sister-in-Law at Night
方世玉肉搏洪熙官 The Duel between Fong Sai-yuk and Hung Hei-kun
斷腸玫瑰 The Broken Heart
招狼入舍 Leading the Wolves into the House
抗敵風雲 Golden Pheonix
戰地奇女子 A Wartime Heroine
慈母殺嬌兒 A Good Mother Kills Her Son
愛情永遠在懷念中 Sweetness of Love
情海茫茫 Boundless Love
情人的眼淚 Tears of Lovers
恨海情花 Of Love and Hate
往事知多少 The Lady in Black
彩鳳驚魂 The Priceless Souvenir
廣告女郎 The Girl of the Year
崑崙三劍俠 (下集) ——大戰九頭獅子精 Three Swordsmen from Kunlun, Part Two: The Big Fight with the Nine Headed Lion Spirit
崑崙三劍俠 (上集) Three Swordsmen from Kunlun, Part One
峨嵋飛劍俠 (下集) The Flying Sword Hero from Mount Emei, Part Two
峨嵋飛劍俠 (上集) The Flying Sword Hero from Mount Emei, Part One
峨嵋女俠 A Heroine from Mount Emei