The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
月下琴挑淑婦魂 The Lutanist's Seduction Under the Moon
東江女霸王 Guerrilla Queen
梁天來 Leung Tin-loi, The Loser
樊梨花 The Story of Fan Lei-fa
歌院香魂 The Singing Girl's Spirit
歡喜冤家 Intimate But Quarrelsome
武則天 The Empress Wu
歷劫花 The Long-suffering Girl
洞房花燭夜 The Wedding Night
海棠花濺淚 The Crabapple Blossom's Tears
火燒玉石琵琶精 The Impenetrable Pipa Spirit on Fire
火燒紅蓮寺 Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery
烈女報夫仇 A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death
狂龍 Mad Dragon
玉面煞星 The Handsome Killer
王昭君琵琶動漢皇 Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han
琵琶怨 The Sorrowful Lute
璇宮艷史 (下集) My Kingdom for a Honeymoon
相見歡 Hypocrite
石鬼仔夜戰五虎將 Kiddy Stone's Night Battle with the Five Tiger Generals
碧海青天夜夜心 The Long Voyage Home
碧玉簪 The Green Jade Hairpin
碧血金釵 (四集) The Azure Blood and the Golden Pin, Concluding Episode
神童歷險記 Adventures of Genius Boy
秘密文件303 Secret Document: 303
第二夫人 Second Lady
糊塗太太 A Blundering Wife
紅蝴蝶大戰採花賊 Between the Suited and the Suitor
紅衣女俠 Heroine in Red
羅宮春色 Romance of Rome Palace
美人春夢 Memories of Love
羽扇恩仇 The Gratitude of a Feather Fan
肉陣葬龍沮 Sex to Kill the Devil
胡奎賣人頭 To Sell a Human Head
胭脂賊 Romantic Thief
脂粉豺狼 A Wolf in the Girl's Fold
苦吻 Bitter Kisses
苦海一賢婦 (上集) A Woman's Sad Song, Part One
苦海一賢婦 (下集) A Woman's Sad Song, Part Two
荊棘幽蘭 A Fair Lady with Ill Fate
荒江女俠 (一集) Fong Kong Heroine, Part One
荒江女俠 (上集) Fong Kong Heroine, Part One
蔡中興建洛陽橋 Building the Luoyang Bridge
蕩婦殺妾慘案 The Cruel Murder of the Concubine
蕩婦魂歸 Return of the Lascivious Woman's Soul
薄命紅顏 The Beautiful but Poor Girl
蜜月 Honeymoon
血手套 Bloody Gloves
血海蜂 The Blood Bee
血淚人生 A Tearful Life