The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一對胭脂馬 Two Naughty Girls
一年一度燕歸來 The Swallows' Return
一枝紅艷露凝香 A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant
一樓風雪夜歸人 Return on a Snowy Night
三喜奇緣 Three Happy Couples
三喜臨門 Three Blessings
乖侄 My Good Nephew
九命奇寃 The Tragedy of Nine Lives
亞蘭嫁亞瑞 Ah Lan Marries Ah Shui
任劍輝舞台奮鬥史 An Actress's Struggle
你情我願 Courting Before Marriage
信陵君竊符救趙 The Tiger Tally
借新娘 A Borrowed Bride
兒女情深 Love's Obligation
兩個歌王 Top Singers Two
冷暖親情 (上集) Parent's Love, Part One
冷暖親情 (下集) Parent's Love, Part Two
出嫁從夫 Follow the Husband
刁蠻女戲夫 The Naughty Girl Teases Her Husband
危險十七歲 Dangerous Seventeen
受薪姑爺 Hire a Husband
合家有喜 The Blessed Family
合歡歌舞慶華年 Joy of Music
同屋共住 Different Residents Living Together
呆佬拜壽 The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party
因禍得福 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
多情高竇貓 The Pretty Wild Cat
大團圓 The Grand Reunion
大家姐 Elder Sister's Story
大觀園 Grand View Garden
奪命雌雄劍 The Phoenix Swords
女白金龍 Female Pak Kam-lung
女黑俠 Heroine in Black
好姐賣粉果 The Maid Who Sells Dumplings
如花美眷 Beautiful Matching
威風大少惡千金 A Wonderful Marriage
婚姻大事 Troubles In Marriage
孝女還珠記 How the Filial Daughter Returned the Pearl
孟麗君與風流天子 Meng Lijun and the Amorous King
富貴滿華堂 Riches in Splendour
富貴花開艷陽紅 Best Fortune
小白菜情困楊乃武 The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu
工廠少爺 The Young Boss of the Factory
怪錯有情郎 The Wrongly Accused Lover
恨海情天 The Roots of All Evils
恩重如山 A Gratitude As Weighty As The Mountain
戲迷情人 Opera Fans' Sweetheart
扭紋新抱惡家姑 A Nagging Wife Meets Her Fierce Mother-in-Law
掃把精 The Broom Spirit