The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
傻人發達記 Unexpected Fortune
再世奇緣 Reincarnated Love
刁蠻女戲夫 The Naughty Girl Teases Her Husband
千面女福星 The Mysterious Thief
含笑飲砒霜 Swallow the Poison with a Smile
多情妙賊 The Miraculous Theft
天緣巧合 A Perfect Match
奇女薛一娘 The Strange Lady Xue Yiniang
奪命刀 That Frighening Sword
女俠草上飛 Lady 'Lightning' Among Swordsmen
姑緣嫂劫 Two Sisters-in-law
媽媽要我嫁 The Happy Wedlock
孝子鬧天宮 Revolt in Heaven
孝感動家姑 The Filial Wife Moved the Mother-in-Law
孝順仔尋寶遇仙 Filial Son's Treasure-hunt
寶城劍侶 The Sword Couple
巧鳳試郎心 Two Women Struggle for a Husband
招財進寶 Fortune
插錯美人頭 Beauty's Head Is Misplaced
步步高陞 The Prince Incognito
歷劫紅顏 The Continual Love
沙三少與俏銀姐 Third Master Sha and His Charming Maid
海角幽蘭 A Brave Woman
清官斬孝女 The Upright Officer and the Filial Daughter
牡丹花發狀元紅 Happy Reunion
玉女相思 The Faithful Lovers
玻璃鞋 Glass Slippers
痴男怨女 The Beloved Couple
相思甜如蜜 My Sweet Heart
睡公主 Sleeping Beauty
神俠鬧金鑾 The Super Hero Plunders the Palace
能言鳥 The Talking Bird
萬紫千紅 The Fabulous Rendezvous
賊王子 (上集) Prince of Thieves, Part One
賊王子 (下集) Prince of Thieves, The Sequel
金殿福星 The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace
金釵引鳳凰 Luring the Girls On
阿里巴巴與四十大盜 Ai Baba and the Forty Thieves
雌雄妙賊 The Magnificent Dual
雙十年華 The Broken-up Family
雷電出孤兒 An Orphan Was Born in Thunderstorm
飛賊紅玫瑰 Girl with a Thousand Identities
香噴噴小姐 The Perfumed Girl
點錯鴛鴦 A Fair Lifemate